Cybersecurity is a national security issue and an economic concern for the U.S. Southeast is the only university in Missouri and one of fewer than 50 in the country to offer a cybersecurity bachelor’s degree. This new, dynamic major prepares students to be leaders in the protection of information systems.

This innovative program includes courses such as telecommunications, computer science and mathematics along with information assurance, computer forensics, network security and cryptography. Students learn to use technology to secure and defend cyber enabled systems.

The cybersecurity program at Southeast aims to educate students in the existing and emerging challenges in security and privacy of cyber infrastructure within ethical boundaries and legal compliances. Cyber infrastructure is an amalgamation of software, hardware and networking to process, transform and communicate digital content. Security for such an infrastructure involves nearly every aspect of software, hardware and networking. This corresponds well with the Department of Labor’s description of an information security analyst, whose typical duties are to research security trends, monitor and investigate security breaches to the network, plan and carry out security initiatives, develop standards and best practices, use tools to protect sensitive information, make recommendations for security enhancements, and help users learn and use security products and procedures.

Cybersecurity graduates will be able to…
  • Protect an organization’s vital information and assets.
  • Implement cybersecurity best practices and risk management.
  • Understand and develop software to minimize vulnerabilities.
  • Integrate stable network monitoring and present real-time security solutions.
  • Analyze persistent threats and arrange counter measures.
  • Conduct risk and liability assessments of information systems.
  • Examine cybercrimes and support recovery of operations.
  • Create, revise and communicate organizational cybersecurity strategies.

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