Agribusiness is a challenging, rewarding, multi-faceted industry. From large multinational corporations to emerging food manufacturing and input supply firms, there is a strong demand by agribusiness firms for more and better employees trained in both management and the agricultural sciences.

The horticulture option provides students with experience in ornamentals, fruits and vegetable production, turf and gold maintenance, landscape design and maintenance, viticulture, nursery production, greenhouse management and other areas.

Agribusiness: Horticulture students will…
  • Take a variety of agribusiness courses, such as: management, marketing, finance, sales, computer applications, accounting and economics.
  • Take agriculture courses, such as horticulture crop production, greenhouse, nursery, and turfgrass management, viticulture, plant propagation, strategic urban horticulture, advanced horticulture technologies, soils, pest management, landscape design and plant pathology.
  • Complete an internship or research project.
  • Be prepared for positions in food horticulture, golf course/turfgrass and greenhouse management as well as sales, marketing, finance, policy, consulting and related areas.
  • Be provided with a basis for graduate work leading to a master’s degree or doctorate.

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