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Credit by Exam Programs assist people in gaining recognition for what they know and can do, regardless of how or where they learned it. College credit earned by examination may be counted toward University Studies, major, minor or elective requirements at Southeast Missouri State University.

Credit is granted through Advanced Placement (AP), local credit through Departmental Examination (DE), DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Additionally, credit may be earned via a Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) certification, or through the International Baccalaureate Organizations (IBO) program.

Credit by Exam Guidelines:

Southeast Missouri State University students may qualify for credit by examination as long as they have earned fewer than 90* semester hours and have not enrolled in a college course in the subject for which the examination is taken.

  • Students who anticipate attempting to earn credit by examination should NOT enroll in that course before taking the examination.
  • A maximum of 30 semester hours of combined credit from Advanced Placement, CLEP, DANTES Subject Standardardized Test (DSST), Departemental Exams, Certified Professional Secretary (CPS), and International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) options may be counted toward a single degree.
  • Credit and course equivalencies correspond to introductory courses in disciplines.
  • Grades will be recorded and noted on the official transcript as credit by examination; such credit does not affect the cumulative grade point average.
  • Subsidiary level courses do not receive any credit or advanced placement.

*Graduate Students: Students who have more than 90 hours and are entering the MBA program offered through the College of Business may take the CLEP and DSST to fulfill prerequisite requirements. Please see the MBA Admission web page for more information.

More information is available at Testing Services. Call (573) 651-2836, e-mail us at or visit us in Kent Library, 1st Floor Room 108.

Advanced Placement
CLEP - College Level Examination Program
CPS - Certified Professional Secretary Examination
DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Test) Exams
Departmental Examination
International Baccalaureate Organizations (IB)