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Spring 2014 R&P Syllabus and Weekly Schedule

Course No.: DA/TH 105 & 305

Title of Course: Rehearsal and Production - Spring 2014

Contact Professor: Hilary Peterson (Email: / Phone: x7492)

Catalog Descriptions and Credit Hours of Course:

Training and practical, hands-on experience in performance, crew work, and all aspects of technical production through active participation in the mounting of departmental productions. May be repeated. (1 hour credit)

Prerequisite(s): None

Purposes or Objectives of the Course:

  • To develop an appreciation of the backstage preparations for theatre and dance productions;
  • To develop a basic understanding of the various jobs in theatre and dance;
  • To develop a basic understanding of the various materials and tools used in productions;
  • To develop and nurture artistic skills in theatre and dance;
  • To develop a basic vocabulary associated with theatre and dance.

Expectations of Students:

  • Students are required to obtain 26 hours of lab time;
  • Students are required to attend Peter Pan, Spring Into Dance 2014, and Brighton Beach Memoirs
  • Student are required to attend all R&P meetings;
  • Students are required to perform satisfactorily on at least one running/production crew or cast for a Main Stage departmental production.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will create a professional-quality resume
  • Students will demonstrate proper rehearsal and performance etiquette
  • Students will accurately perform costume/scene shop skills including sewing, painting, measuring and cutting
  • Students will perform production tasks in costuming, marketing, scene building, and lighting
  • Students will identify theatre and dance auditions and job websites

Course Outline:

Although not every area listed below will be covered each week, a typical format is as follows:

  • Sign-In for Attendance
  • Department Announcements
  • Current Main Stage Productions - Stage Manager and/or Director
  • Current Student Production - Director
  • Outside Guests (when appropriate)
  • Daily Topic (e.g. resumes, stress reduction techniques, acting class scenes, costume/scene shop basics, dance technique combinations, vocal presentations, building a website, SETC auditions, etc.)

Textbook(s) and/or Other Required Materials or Equipment:

  • No textbook is required.
  • Supplies: Each student should bring notebook, pen, and calendar to each weekly meeting. Each student must bring their own pencil and safety glasses to each lab.
  • Lab Dress: Wear only closed toe shoes (ABSOLUTELY NO FLIP FLOPS), pants, shirts (that can be tucked in and sleeves that roll up), no jewelry, and hair pulled back. Do not wear clothing that you will not paint in or be able to get dirty. If you are not dressed appropriately for shop, you will be asked not to work. You cannot make up this time.

Basis for Student Evaluation:

  • (40%) Successful completion of weekly lab hours, weekend work calls & strikes. 26hours total for semester. Please note that only quality hours will be counted. 10 of these hours MUST be completed in either the Scene Shop or the Costume Shop.400 points
  • (30%) Attendance & participation in weekly departmental meetings: 300 points
  • (25%) Satisfactory participation in one running crew or cast: 250 points
  • (5%) Attendance at all Main Stage departmental productions: 50 points (You MUST turn in your ticket sheet by Friday 9 May 2014 at 5pm.)
  • Total points = 1000 for the semester


Open Door Policy

My door is always open to students. If you have any questions or concerns about a project, an assignment, a grade, or anything else pertaining to your academic or professional development, please discuss the matter with me. Ninety-five percent of all questions and problems can be solved through open and direct dialogue.


If a student has a diagnosed disability or believes he or she has a disability that might require "reasonable accommodation" on the part of the instructor or the program, the student needs to contact the Campus Assistance Center at the University Center, Room 302, (573)651-2273, TDD 651-5927, or visit their Web Site as As a part of the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is the responsibility of the student to disclose a disability prior to requesting "reasonable accommodation."

Modification of Syllabus

It is the professors' prerogative to change or modify this syllabus at any point in the semester.


You are responsible for any material given on a day you were absent. There are no makeup sessions. ("Academic Policies and Procedures: Absence from Class," Southeast Missouri State University Undergraduate Bulletin: 2013-2014, pp. 17.)

*** Questions, comments, or requests regarding this course should be taken to your instructor. Unanswered questions or unresolved issues involving this class may be taken to Dr. Nacy, the Department Chair.

Spring 2014 R&P Weekly Schedule

1/22 Welcome Back: Syllabus, Calendar, and Announcements
1/29 Breakout Groups: Scheduled so far.....Imagery for Dance Technique (Hilary)

Breakout Groups: Scheduled so far.....Summer Study, Internships, and Careers in Dance (Hilary); Senior Showcase meeting (Kenn)


Breakout Groups: Scheduled so far.....TBA

2/19 Performance Day

Breakout Groups: Scheduled so far.....Shakespearean Verse (Kenn); Basic Console Programming (Travis); Dance Scene in Cape Girardeau (Hilary)

3/5 Breakout Groups: Scheduled so far.....Dance Criticism & Discussion (Marc & Philip)

Performance Day


Fall 2014 Advising Day

4/2 The Business of Theatre & Dance-Part 1 (Aaron)
4/9 The Business of Theatre & Dance-Part 2 (Aaron)
4/16 Performance Day
4/23 Breakout Groups: Scheduled so far.....Ballroom Dance (Philip); Unions"AEA and SAG/AFTRA (Kenn)
4/30 Performance Day
5/7 No Class -- BFA Juries
Department of Theatre & Dance