Southeast Missouri State University

Sandy (Stefanie Kluba) and the Pink Ladies (Alyssa Cooper, Molly Dowd, Sarah
Anderson, and Taloir Pace) recall the excitement of Summer Nights

Johnny Casino (Jacob Buckenmyer) fires up the gang in Born to Hand Jive!

Sonny (Joe Capstick), Pritzie (Sarah Bergt), Jan (Sarah Anderson), and
Doody (Zak McMahon).

Danny (Michael Burrell) and Sandy (Stefanie Kluba) and the company remember
their Summer Nights.

Doody (Zak McMahon) and his adoring fans in Magic Changes.

Tony (Michael Burrell), Doody (Zak McMahon), Kenickie (Keith Johnson),
Roger (Dom Thomas), and Sonny (Joe Capstick) zoomin' in Greased Lightning.

Rizzo (Jessica Love) lays down the rules for Kenikie (Keith Johnson) in
Rizzo's Greased Lightning 

Rizzo (Jessica Love) and pals poke fun at Sandy in Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee

When it's all said and done, the kids know We Go Together

Frenchy (Molly Dowd) sees a bright future disappearing in front of her as her
Teen Angel (Judith Farris) laments that a Beauty School Dropout will never
make the big time.

The Pink Ladies try to figure out relationships...never easy!