Southeast Missouri State University

The Giant appears! Zach Wachter (Baker), Tayloir Pace (Lucinda), Stephanie Peterson (Baker's Wife), Benjamin Griffard (Steward), Eileen Engel (Little Red Ridinghood), and Hannah Moore (the Witch)

Stephanie Peterson (Baker's Wife), Hannah Moore (the Witch), and Zach Wachter (the Baker)

Sami Gross (Cinderella) and Stephanie Peterson (Baker's Wife)

Tayloir Pace (Lucinda), Maria Bartolotta (Cinderella's Stepmother), and Alyssa Cooper (Florinda)

Jacob Buckenmyer (the Wolf)

Caleb Schaaf (Cinderella's Prince) and Jacob Buckenmyer (Rapunzel's Prince)

Eileen Engel (Little Red Ridinghood) and Sami Gross (Cinderella)

Cast and Crew