Southeast Missouri State University

Elle (Molly Dowd) and Warner (Jacob Buckenmyer) get Serious.

The Delta Nu girls in Omigod You Guys

Elle (Molly Dowd), Serena (Beth Guebert), Margot (Alyssa Cooper) and Pilar (Laura Liefer) sing What You Want

Emmett (Michael Burrell) tries to figure out Elle's bunny costume.

Warner proposing to Vivienne (Allie Wolz)

The Delta Nu Greek Chorus help Elle figure out life.

Brooke (Jessica Love) helps the gang get Whipped into Shape

Callahan (Kyle Morr) working out legal strategy with his Harvard law students.

Paulette (Hannah Lundy) and Kyle (Zak McMahon) getting to know each other better.

Graduation day for Harvard Law, Class of 2013.