Administrative Professionals Day 2016

One Student, Many Stories


How many times have we walked past someone on the street, only to form an assumption about them? Our assumptions could come from the way they are dressed, how they speak, whose hand they are holding, if they are experiencing homelessness, or what religious book they are reading. The truth is, when we buy into an assumption (or single story) about anyone, we foster stereotypes and fear.

Join Elaine as she interweaves stories from her life and the lives of others to examine how stereotypes diminish a person’s dignity, create divisions, and leads to prejudice and intolerance. Elaine also invites participants to share their own experiences with diversity in areas like: race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, LGBT and gender.

Incorporating powerful life lessons and original music, Elaine encourages us to identify and eliminate personal stereotypes, challenge others regarding stereotypical comments, stand up to any kind of prejudice, tell positive stories that transcend stereotypes, and share the many stories from their lives that have shaped who they are.

When we connect with each other and share our stories, we discover we have more in common than we ever knew. This program is a perfect keynote for any group placing value on building meaningful relationships in their campus community.

Date: April 27, 2016
Time(s): Lunch 12-1:15pm, Presentation 1:30 - TBD

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will learn to:

  • Understand how buying into an assumption or (single story) about any individual or group of people creates stereotypes and fear, which diminish a person’s dignity, creates divisions in our relationships, and leads to prejudice
  • Develop an appreciation and sensitivity to diversity of all kinds
  • Gain a greater awareness about the diversity issues on campus and in society
  • Understand how to use a 5-step process to create positive change
  • Connect with others by sharing personal stories and finding common ground


Dempster Hall 248
Training and Development
One University Plaza, MS 6850
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701