Damage and Loss

The group responsible for the reservation will be charged for any damages occurring to the room or equipment. If necessary, a minimum of $25.00 for custodial services will be charged for excess cleaning after room use. This includes excessive carpet stains, garbage, etc.

Parking and Loading

If given proper notice, the University Center staff can arrange for parking and loading spaces. There is a visitors parking lot on the West side of the University Center with approximately 45 parking spaces. There is also a limited number of parking spaces in front of the University Center.

There is a loading dock in the rear of the University Center available for large events. Be sure to inform the reservationists of your need to access the loading dock area.


All questions regarding solicitation policy should be made to the University Center Administrative Office. The University does not permit credit card solicitation from outside card vendors.

Additional Information

Smoking, drugs, firearms, or gambling devices are not permitted in the University Center. Animals providing life assistance are welcome at all times.

Alcohol is prohibited in the University Center except in those instances where the alcohol is being served by an outside group as part of their program or event. All events with alcohol must be approved in advance.