Southeast Missouri State University

Opportunities for Involvement

Parents are always welcomed in the classroom. If you ever want to volunteer, we will be glad to have you at the Center. If you have a special skill or can share information with the children about your career or culture, please talk to your child’s teacher. We appreciate any involvement.


Teachers and staff work closely with families to support the development of the children.  Informal conversation occurs daily at drop-off and pick-up times, and is key to sharing information about children.  In addition, we have other ways of communicating with parents.

Group Parent Meetings

Group parent meetings are offered when a specific topic becomes of interest to the parents. We try to plan meetings at a time that parents will be able to attend.

Parent Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are offered twice a year in December and June. If you would like a conference any other time, please feel free to talk to your child’s teacher and schedule a meeting.

Family Nights

Family nights offer an opportunity for parents and children to enjoy activities together and allow the families in your child’s classroom to meet each other.


Children will be served breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.  All meals will follow dietary guidelines established by the Missouri Department of Health.  A copy of the menu cycle is posted on Parent Boards so you can see what your children are being served each day.  Family style meals will be emphasized to allow staff to sit with the children during mealtimes to serve as role models and to encourage healthy eating habits.

The University Child Development Center participates in the USDA’s federally subsidized food program and meets the USDA requirements for food programs for young children.

General Information

Visits by Parents

All parents and guardians are welcome to visit the center with or without notice.  Nursing mothers and parents wishing to give bottles to their children are welcome to visit the infant room.  Parents are invited to share meals with their child, as long as the center knows ahead of time so the cook can prepare enough. For some children, having their parents visit during the day can be difficult.  Please consult your child’s teacher if you have a concern about how your child will handle your visit.

Children with Special Needs

The Center will accommodate children with special needs to the best of our abilities.  We will work closely with the family and other agencies to provide the best possible care for the child.