University Marketing

Who are we?

University Marketing is responsible for university-wide brand management and communications and marketing strategy development and implementation. The organization provides creative direction, messaging strategy, and tactical planning that allows the university as a whole to advance and elevate the Will To Do brand across all platforms including web, media relations, digital media (video/photography), print and more.

We strive to ensure that our message and look is clear, concise and compelling, whether the external communication comes from University Marketing or any department on campus.

Our regular work revolves around Admissions, Athletics, the River Campus, the President's Office and the Southeast Missouri University Foundation. We would like to assist you in developing a solution that meets both your goals as well as the university's goals. For some projects, we may need to refer you to one of our several approved, external vendors for design or print projects. However, we will help ensure the vendor is following our brand guidelines and quality standards.

How do we work?

Our first discussion with you will be to understand your goal. We will make sure you use the best tactics and strategy to reach your goal. You may think you need a brochure, when the best solution could be a Facebook post linking to a landing page on your website. We are your in-house strategy experts and consultants, and that is where it all starts.

Once we agree on a strategy we will assign you a point of contact – either within University Marketing or with an approved vendor. From this point forward you will have regular communication until the project is complete. If there is a way to measure success, University Marketing will help you evaluate the success and be prepared to make adjustments for you in the future to improve results.


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University Marketing
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