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Image of an Academic Program BrochureThis category includes academic program brochures, which are distributed to students in the recruiting process. An academic program brochure is a publication that describes an academic major and/or degree, either graduate or undergraduate. This official list of qualifying programs shall be provided and updated by the Office of the Provost.

In order to provide consistency in print media concerning the instructional mission of the University, the Office of Public Services/Publications serves as the coordinator of the production and printing of academic program brochures. This centralized system ensures accuracy and quality in printed materials that represent the entire University.

Program brochures are printed on a rotating basis and, each year, are limited to the budget allocation for that fiscal year. Priority is given to new programs and majors, brochures for which the supply is depleted and programs which have undergone considerable change since the last printing.

The printing schedule of academic program brochures depends largely on the time that a specific faculty member has to devote to the project as well as the printer’s schedule. Thus, it is difficult to estimate the amount of time the process will take; however, it is estimated to take six to eight weeks. In order to ensure faster delivery, proofs must be returned in a timely manner. The Office of Public Services/Publications will make every effort to facilitate the production schedule.

Format & Size

Based on market research revealing that successful recruiting publications must be brief and concise, there is a standardized format required for academic program brochures. This format includes color, presentation and design. Contributing units may suggest illustrative materials (photos, graphs, illustrations, etc.) that may enhance the content; however, the decision on appropriateness or quality of these materials must be agreed upon by the contributing unit and the Office of Public Services/Publications.

The standardized size also makes possible a range of distribution techniques including recruitment displays, inclusion in mass mailings and correspondence mailings.


Academic units and individual program administrators are responsible for compiling the textual content of materials and for submitting the information to the Office of Public Services/Publications who will then edit and format the material. Proofs will be provided to allow for correction of technical and typesetting errors. In instances where individual units fail to submit content material for brochures, the Office of Public Services/Publications will proceed with the preparation of a brochure, using available information from other official sources. Per University policies and procedures, individual units may not proceed to produce their own version of the official academic program brochure.

Required Information

  • Definitive Title: i.e., Pre-Dentistry Program or Programs in Art
  • Highlight the focal points of your program. It may describe what this field of study encompasses and it should be one or two paragraphs.

Educational Preparation

  • Describe, in general, the types of courses required and a basic curriculum for a degree in this field. Specific courses or course numbers may not be listed on the brochure (special inserts can be printed for courses and course numbers).
  • Highlight areas of emphasis for specialization within the field with the type of courses suggested.
  • List practicums/internships, if applicable, for example, hospital work for medical technology (this may be listed in the Optional Information section).
  • List degrees offered, for example, B.S. or B.A.

Areas of Study

Highlight areas within the field that are diverse and may offer specialization, for example:

Political Science:

  • American Government
  • Comparative Government
  • International Politics,
  • Public Administration,
  • Public Theory

Career Opportunities

By law, we are required to provide information regarding types of employment that students may reasonably expect upon successful completion of study preceded by a general statement about the value of the education. List types of jobs that are available for students in this field.

Contact Information

  • List appropriate dean/administrator by title; names tend to become outdated.
  • List the Office of Admissions as source for further information. The telephone and fax numbers of the Office of Admissions will be included on all brochures.
  • E-mail address of Office of Admissions will be included on all brochures.
  • Web site will be listed on all brochures.
  • University slogan will be used on all brochures.

Optional Information

  • Description of special items of note regarding your program or department
  • Description of Facilities (business and polytechnic facilities may be significant, while philosophy facilities may not)
  • Special Programs (clubs, organizations, internships, etc.)
  • Special Admission Policies (i.e., nursing)

Information That May Not Be Included

Faculty Listings and often the turnover in faculty appointments can cause materials to become outdated before the supply of brochures is exhausted; therefore, faculty names cannot be included.

Course Listings change frequently. General information on courses may be included, but specific course descriptions by name and number may not. This information is best handled when a prospective student requests specific follow-up information. An example of course listings may be found in the college advising centers. Specific course listings can be found on matching inserts. See information below.


Image of Departmental Insert

Because it is not practical to include such dated material as faculty and course listings in the academic program brochure, academic units and program administrators may elect to include an insert in their brochures. Information on the insert is left to the discretion of the respective academic unit or program administrator and may include material such as course listings and faculty listings. The brochures will be stored and inventoried by the Office of Public Services/Publications for use in recruiting until the academic department notifies the office that the material has become dated and should be discarded. Budgeting for inserts is the responsibility of the individual academic unit.

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