Recruiting Publications 2012


General Institutional Promotion/Recruitment

These materials include those publications and printed matter that contain information on the academic and/or other administrative programs and what these programs offer to prospective students. This information must be consistent. It is the responsibility of the Office of Public Services/Publications to coordinate this institutional effort by producing these items in conjunction with the Office of Admissions in its institutional recruiting effort and with individual units in contributing the pertinent content of specific University offerings.

Examples of publications within this category that promote the University to an off-campus constituency include items such as the Information Piece and Viewbook—in general.

All requests for other forms of printed matter used in conjunction with the University’s general operation should be approved by the Office of Public Services/Publications without regard to funding, administrative level of origin or distribution on or off campus in order to ensure proper use of the University’s name and identity emblems.

Other Promotional Publications

Publications and printed matter that promote specific programs, departments, activities and special events at Southeast may be included in this category. For example, academic units may wish to augment the official academic program brochure series (described earlier in these policies and procedures) with a poster or similar format to promote a given academic program. Other activities, academic or non-academic, such as concerts, play performances, special observances, etc., may be promoted with printed matter in this category.

Responsibility for originating and funding these materials rests with the originating unit; however, for conformity with University graphics standards, the Office of Public Services/Publications must approve the request for printing or procurement.

The Office of Public Services/Publications has the responsibility for monitoring the promotional materials of organizations affiliated with the University including student clubs, organizations, sororities, fraternities and honorary/professional groups to ascertain the proper use of the University identification.

All of these materials may be prepared in total or in part by the originating unit or organization as to layout, design and artwork. Assistance from the Office of Public Services/Publications will be limited to official University units and/or availability of staff time and resources from other official responsibilities.


Because forms used by the University bear the University’s name and identity, some attention must be given to the uniform application of this information, especially in the forms that are sent off campus in the conduct of University business.

All requests for forms will be monitored by the Office of Public Services/Publications to determine the following minimum considerations:

  • A descriptive title for identification purposes
  • Identification with the University through the proper use of the University’s name and identity emblems

Academic Program Brochures

This category also includes academic program brochures, which are distributed to students in the recruiting process. An academic program brochure is a publication that describes an academic major and/or degree, either graduate or undergraduate. This official list of qualifying programs shall be provided and updated by the Office of the Provost.


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