Southeast Missouri State University

Fees are based upon the age of the child and a discount is applied for children of students and University staff, faculty and administration. Please contact us for a fee schedule.


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Payment Procedure

All payments will be handled through Student Financial Services in Academic Hall. Fees will be paid on a monthly basis. Families will receive a bill from the University each month. The tuition will be based on the status of the parent/ grandparent (student or faculty/staff) and your child’s schedule. Please note that you will be charged according to your stated schedule even if your child is not in attendance.

The fees for the program are determined each semester. Fees cover the period from the first day of each semester through the last day of the semester.

  • Spring semester begins the first day the School opens in January and continues until the last day of finals.
  • Summer semester begins the Monday after spring finals until the Friday before the fall semester begins.
  • Fall semester is the first day of fall semester through the last day prior to Christmas break.

If you withdraw your child from the School (including summer semester) your child will be removed from the class roster and put back on the wait list. Their spot will be replaced by the next child on the wait list.

The University School for Young Children routinely enrolls children for five days a week. Therefore you will be responsible for the entire week’s tuition. If your schedule does not allow for a five-day schedule, please make arrangements with the Operations Supervisor.