Student writing

The Center for Writing Excellence provides writing support to the faculty, staff, and students of Southeast, as well as writers from beyond the campus. The Center has three main areas of activity.

The Center for Writing Excellence also now coordinates TurnItIn.  Please visit our TurnItIn information page for help signing up or using the website.

Writing Proficiency Exams

The center oversees the administration and scoring of placement exams and outcomes assessment exams in college writing.

Writing Lab

An online and face-to-face resource to assist students at all levels to develop as writers.

Writing in the Disciplines

Support for faculty as writing instructors in their areas of expertise.

Quick Reference Guide

Tutorials for common writing problems, how-to formatting guides, and guides to both APA and MLA citation styles.

CWE Newsletter

Writing Wednesdays

  • Don’t Nod on the Telephone

    In psychology, there’s a concept called “egocentrism.” Now before you start thinking of that stuck-up acquaintance you just can’t stand, know that in this context, it refers to young children who haven’t yet learned to think from other people’s perspectives. For example, a child who hasn’t progressed past egocentrism might nod when asked a question […]
  • I Am a Writer

    I always loved reading as a child, but loving reading doesn’t make you a writer. Then I began to write down my own stories—journals of my fantastical tales of superheroes based off of my best friends and science fiction adventures about alien cows and radioactive corn. I wrote about anything and everything I could imagine, […]
  • What Can I Argue About?

    Much of college writing is centered around your ability to argue. Instead of just filling pages with facts and figures, a college paper often requires you to prove a point or explain an idea, in essence arguing. The first step in this process is to come up with an argument. Sometimes, this is the trickiest […]
  • Those Pesky Numbers

    When we write an essay or story, we usually assume we’re working only with words. However, numbers have a way of creeping into our writing, much like they do in everyday life. Whether it’s dimensions or dollar signs, writers need to know how to format numbers. When do you use numerals as opposed to words? […]


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