English Composition Placement

Incoming students at Southeast are placed into the English composition sequence through a variety of means:

  • Students who transfer credit for EN140 are exempted from the composition sequence; however, they are strongly urged to contact the Center for Writing Excellence in order to take WP002 before taking WP003.
  • Students who transfer credit for EN100 are placed into EN140.
  • Students who have an ACT English subscore of 18 or above, or an SAT English subscore of 430, at the time of orientation are placed into EN100.
  • All other students must take WP001 prior to First STEP Orientation.

Information for English Placement

Southeast Missouri State University uses the ACT English subscore to determine a student's placement in the appropriate English course. This measurement is an indicator of the student's language skills and helps to identify the appropriate beginning English course to maximize the student's chance to be successful.

ACT English Subscore English Course Placement
18 or greater (430 or greater for SAT English subscore) Student places into EN100 - English Composition
17 or below Student places into EN099 - Writing Skills Workshop

Students entering without ACT scores will be required to take the English placement exam. English placement information is available at the Center for Writing Excellence. Visit Writing Proficiency Exams for more information on the English placement exam.

Cape Girardeau campus students will complete the English placement exam online prior to First STEP orientation. Please refer to New Student Programs - First STEP Orientation for orientation dates and placement exam schedule.

Regional Campus placement exams are administered in Kennett, Malden, and Sikeston or students may take the placement exam online. Please refer to the Regional Campus Placement Exams listing for the English placement exam schedule. For additional information, please contact testing services directly.


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