Regents' and Governor's Scholars may submit a high school portfolio in place of taking the EN100 Equivalency Exam to earn credit for EN100. Prior to orientation, Regents' and Governor's scholars will be notified in writing of this opportunity.  The portfolio must be submitted to the Director of Writing Assessment; the deadline usually falls at the beginning of April.

Each portfolio will contain four pieces of student work written during the senior year:

  • a letter introducing the portfolio and its writer to the readers,
  • a piece of writing produced in a class other than English,
  • two essays (narrative, expository, or argumentative) written for English class (students may submit no more than one narrative essay).

The portfolio will be independently read and holistically scored by two trained faculty readers.  Students whose portfolios are deemed passing by both readers will receive credit for EN100 and be placed directly into EN140.  If the two readers' judgments do not concur, a third reader will be asked to make the final credit/no credit decision on the portfolio.
Students whose portfolios do not demonstrate the requisite level of writing skills for EN140 will be placed into EN100.  Students who are unable or choose not to compile and submit a portfolio will be placed according to Southeast's normal placement protocol.


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