Southeast Missouri State University

WP005: Developmental Writing Common Final Exam

All students enrolled in EN099 or TL110 must take WP005 in order to earn credit for the course.  WP005 is a 50-minute impromptu essay on a general topic offered during the final class meeting of the semester.
WP005 is scored holistically by two trained readers from the Center for Writing Excellence.  The scores range from 0-6; a score of 3.5 earns credit for the developmental course.
If a student does not earn credit for developmental writing based on WP005, s/he may appeal the result by submitting a portfolio.  The portfolio consists of four documents:

  1. A portfolio analysis, written when the student submits the portfolio;
  2. An in-class essay from the course;
  3. All drafts of a revised essay from the course;
  4. One additional essay (in-class or revised) from the course.

The portfolio is due by the beginning of the semester after the student has taken WP005.  It will be reviewed by two Writing Associates from the Center for Writing Excellence and scored on a credit/no credit basis.