WP004: EN100 Equivalency Exam

The following students are invited to sit for WP004 (EN100 Equivalency Exam):

  • Students with an ACT English subscore of 25 or greater;
  • Students who score a 5 or 6 on WP001.

These students who qualify for WP004 will be sent an invitation by the Center for Writing Excellence; the invitation must be returned in order for the student to sit for the exam.
WP004 is a three-part examination:

  • The first part is WP001;
  • The second part is a 50-minute impromptu argumentative essay (no sources are required);
  • The third part is a brief revision exercise.

Students with an English ACT subscore of 25 or greater are usually exempt from WP001; in order to complete WP004, these students must take WP001 plus the other two parts of the exam. All parts of the exam will be offered on the Saturday morning before the first week of classes.
The examinations are holistically scored by Writing Associates from the Center for Writing Excellence on Saturday afternoon before the first day of classes.  The first two parts of the examination are scored on a scale of 0-6; the third part is scored on a scale of 0-3.  Thus, the total score for the examination ranges from 0-15.  If a student receives a total score of 10.5 or greater, the student is awarded retroactive credit for EN100, and can enroll in EN140 provided there are available seats.

For more information contact the Center for Writing Excellence at (573) 651-2460.


Memorial Hall 103
Center for Writing Excellence
One University Plaza, MS 4185
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701