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Redhawk License Plate

How to get your Southeast License Plate

Redhawk License Plate

Step 1: Make Your Donation

Contact the Southeast Missouri University Foundation to make a donation of $25 for a year or $50 for two years. Please call 573.651.2332.

Once your transaction is complete you will receive an “Emblem Use Authorization Statement” (EUAS) in the mail. Keep this form for step 3.

Step 2: Customize Your Plate

Regular personalized license plates may consist of no more than six characters plus one dash, space, or an apostrophe. Be sure to have multiple plate combinations ready for your Missouri Department of Revenue Form 1716 in step 3.

Step 3: Complete & Submit Paperwork

Fill out the Missouri Department of Revenue Form 1716.(In step 2 on this form, select "Collegiate" and write-in "Southeast Missouri State."

Locate your local license office

Take the EUAS and 1716 Form and either drop it off with your additional $15/year MODOT fee at your local license bureau or follow the mailing instruction on the form.


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