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Budget Review Committee

The University Budget Review Committee consists of

  • Vice President for Finance and Administration;
  • Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success;
  • Provost;
  • Faculty Senate Executive Committee Chair, Chair-Elect, and Membership Committee Chair;
  • Faculty Senate Compensation Committee;
  • Director of Budget;
  • one administrator from each division;
  • one representative from the Council of Deans;
  • Chairpersons' Forum Moderator;
  • Professional Staff Council Chair and Chair-Elect;
  • CTS Employee Council Chair and Vice-Chair; and
  • Student Government President, Vice President, and Treasurer.

The Vice President for Finance & Administration is the chairperson for this committee.

The charge of the committee is to annually conduct budget hearings, receive divisional and institutional budget development requests, and recommend funding for budget proposals, plans and priorities.

The Budget Review Committee (BRC) annually considers university revenue expectations along with expenditure needs and recommends a balanced general operating budget to the President, who then makes final recommendations to the Board of Regents.  The committee receives divisional and institutional budget development requests and recommends funding for budget proposal plans and priorities. These recommendations include necessary fee increases and merit-based compensation packages.

The divisional and institutional budget requests are initiated at the department or unit level and progress through a divisional review process before they are presented to the Budget Review Committee on the BRC Template.  All requests must identify the relationship of the request to the university’s strategic plan.  This information, along with the rationale provided with the request, allows the BRC to prioritize and recommend expense initiatives that match revenue expectations and maximize progress toward the university’s strategic goals.


Academic Hall 200K and 234-236
Budget Office
One University Plaza, MS 3100
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701