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Teaching Assistant Preparation: Elementary/Special Education

Short-term curricula are provided for students not planning to complete a four-year degree. Earned credit may be applicable toward later completion of a degree. Students completing a short-term program are awarded the appropriate certificate at that semester’s graduation ceremony.

63 Hours Required

Required Courses:
BS 118 Introduction to Process Science for Elementary Teachers (1)
BS 218 Biological Science: A Process Approach (3)
CF 233 Economic Problems and Policies (3)
ED 280 Intro to Education (3)*
EL 274 Diversity in America’s Schools (3)
EL 300 Assistive and Instructional Technology in a Universal Design for Learning Environment (3)
EN 100 English Composition I (3)**
EN 140 Rhetoric and Critical Thinking (3) **
LI 243 Children’s Literature (3)
MA 128 Numbers and Operations for Educators (4)
MA 228 Geometry and Measurement for Educators (4)
PH 218 Physical Science: A Process Approach (3)
PS 103 U.S. Political Systems (3)
PY/CF 120 The Child (3) **
SC 105 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (3) **
UI 100 First Year Seminar (3)
US 105 American History I (3)
US 107 American History II (3)
UI 308 Cultural and Physical Landscapes of the World: A Geographical Analysis (3)

6 hours approved electives from the following areas, with advice of advisor - Autism, Child and Family, English, Family Engagement, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Inclusion, Math, Middle School certification, Psychology, Science, Social Science, TESOL

*B or higher required
**C or higher required

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Scully 313

Dept. of Elem., Early & Special Edu.
One University Plaza, MS 5575
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701