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Frequently Asked Questions

Talk with your instructor. If that does not solve the problem, then make an appointment to see the department chairperson to discuss the issue.

Contact Learning Assistance Programs and Disability Support Services. on the second floor of the University Center for a listing of courses with tutoring assistance. Students who are registered with Student Support Services (SSS) may contact SSS in Pacific Hall regarding courses with available tutors.

All business students are assigned to the Academic Advising Center until all admission requirements to the college have been met. Students are assigned to a faculty advisor in the department of their major upon admission to the Harrison College of Business and Computing. A letter is mailed to students upon admission to the college with the name, office location and telephone number of the faculty advisor.

Contact the Advising Center (Polytech 301) in early February for an advising appointment for summer and/or fall registration. Advising for the spring semester begins in early September. Advising done by faculty in the departments typically begins two weeks before priority enrollment.

Completion of all lower level core and support courses with a 'C' or better, a minimum 2.25 overall GPA, and completion of 60 hours.

No. Any student formally declaring an interest in business is considered a business major and admitted to the College. The Academic Advising Center evaluates student records and notifies students by mail when they have successfully completed the required lower division coursework that they now have a faculty advisor and the contact information of their faculty advisor.

Southeast Missouri State University
Office of Admissions
One University Plaza MS3550
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Check the Southeast portal for classes available for the upcoming semester and your priority enrollment date. Registration for summer typically begins sometime in February. Students must have their advising holds lifted in order to be able to enroll on their priority registration date. Students should also check that their financial account is in good standing so that there is not a hold to prevent registration. Schedule an advising appointment as soon as possible so you will be ready when your priority enrollment date comes.

Enrollment is done online through Southeast Online Services. Click on My Southeast where you can log in and check priority registration dates, seat availability by course. When you are ready to enroll, click on Registration.

Southeast Online Services registration will display a closed or controlled message and will not allow you to enroll in a course that does not have open seats. You may want to check seat availability by course prior to enrollment.

Enrollment for the class has reached its maximum and a control was placed on the class so that students who placed their name on the waiting lists can be added first. Classes can also be controlled if it is a course requiring special permission to satisfy certain criteria, such as in internships, or some web courses.

Waiting lists are available for "closed" and "controlled" business courses at Students must utilize the web site in order to be on the waiting list(s). Please note that each department within the College maintains their own waiting lists. Therefore, any questions pertaining to waiting lists should be directed to the appropriate department.

Complete a declaration of major form for business majors in the Advising Center in Polytech 301. Students who plan to declare a major outside of the Harrison College of Business and Computing should visit the appropriate advising center using the Advising Directory.

Complete a declaration of minor form in the Advising Center in Polytech 301. Students who plan to declare a minor outside of the Harrison College of Business and Computing should visit the appropriate advising center using the Advising Directory.

An internship refers to a work experience in which the student learns by taking on a responsible role as a worker in an organization and reflects on what happens in that role. Interns are expected to interpret both the external environment and internal environment of the organization and related this to ideas, concepts and theories discussed in the classroom.

Interns obtain work experience, apply concepts and conceptual knowledge to actual business situations, gain insights into career opportunities and become potential candidates for full-time positions. Internships help students connect the discussion in the classroom with the practice of business and often provide networking opportunities. Many internships are paid positions and all carry academic credit.

Students interested in an internship should contact the chairperson of the department responsible for their major. Students can also contact their faculty advisor and the Office of Career Services to discuss the benefits of an internship.

Students should consider completing an internship during the summer between their junior and senior year, or during their senior year. Students wishing to complete an internship during the summer may need to provide assistance in identifying an appropriate internship sponsor.

There are many opportunities to become involved with a business or computing student organization, including:

  • Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)
  • Alpha Kappa Psi
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • Association for Computing Machinery - Women
  • Association for Computing machinery - Artificial Intelligence
  • Beta Gamma Sigma, an honorary society for outstanding business students at AACSB-International accredited programs
  • Collegiate DECA
  • Computer Science Club
  • Cyber Defense Club
  • Finance and Economics Club
  • Graduate Business Association
  • HR RedHawks (SHRM)
  • Phi Beta Lambda
  • Student Center for the Public Trust

Students interested in becoming involved with a business student organization may contact their advisor, a department chairperson, the dean, or any one of the college's administrative offices. Contact information is also available on the College's Student Organizations Web page.

Career Services, Academic Hall, 1st Floor.

Dr. Peter Gordon / Dr. Ken Heischmidt
International Business / MBA Office
Dempster Hall 246


Dempster Hall 241
Harrison College of Business
One University Plaza, MS 5800
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701