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photo of Dempster Hall

Robert A. Dempster Hall

Dempster Hall houses the departments and most courses for the college, providing you with access to current technologies and learning environments. The building is rich with experiential learning labs: presentation labs, sales lab, focus group research lab, multiple computer labs including the cybersecurity instructional lab, supported with a private cloud infrastructure. Coming this fall: Cyber Range, an educational virtual computing platform enabling students and researchers to access computational resources in a myriad of configurations of educational, experimental and counteraction structures. All of this is designed to prepare you for the professional business world.

  • A learning environment that is 100 percent wireless
  • 11 general classrooms all digitally connected to the world
  • 400-seat multimedia auditorium
  • An interactive TV classroom designed broadcast instruction to Regional campuses, simultaneous with on-campus instruction.
  • Three large fully networked computer labs for business students with 44-60 workstations each
  • An open computer lab with 45 stations
  • A student presentation lab for developing professional quality presentation materials
  • An executive conference room
  • Conference rooms, business program suites, faculty offices, qualitative marketing research room with observation areas
  • Large common areas available for students to gather to discuss group projects, study sessions or just to relax between classes
  • A spacious, inviting atrium that is a favorite gathering place for students when it is not being used for various functions
  • A student cafe with tables, vending machines for refreshing breaks

photo of exterior of Catapult Creative House

Catapult Creative House

Catapult Creative House provides opportunities for students to be entrepreneurial, to create business enterprises or to launch a new product or service, fostered by programming and competitions supported by the Douglas C. Greene Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

photo of SEMO Computer lab

Computer Labs

The Computer Science Department operates three computer laboratories: DH005, DH023 and DH026.

DH005 and DH026 are closed laboratories that are open only in conjunction with a course's lab time.

DH023 is an open laboratory accessible only to students enrolled in courses offered by the Department of Computer Science. Access is through an electronic card reader lock. Students swipe their student ID into the lock in order to gain access. If a student has trouble gaining access, he or she should come to the office in DH021A in order to report the difficulty so that the problem can be corrected. DH023 is open between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. whenever the building is open.

Students should be aware that most of the instructional software that is used in the Department of Computer Science will also be available in the open laboratories around campus operated by Computer Services. It may be more convenient to work elsewhere than to make a special trip to DH023. Further information may be found at the Computer Services Laboratory Web page.

Dempster Hall 001 Schedule
Dempster Hall 103 Schedule

photo of group meeting in Greene Center for Innovation

Douglas C. Greene Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship at Southeast is much more than a few business students pitching startup ideas - we're harnessing the creative talent of students across campus who experience real innovation and entrepreneurship.

Cyber Range

Coming spring 2019: Cyber Range! The Cyber Range is an interactive, remote accessible computational platform of virtualized digital resources which can be weaved together to aid and solve experimental, research, educational, and operational challenges of cyber enabled systems. The Cyber Range will offer remote accessible educational content delivery and collaboration platform, a virtual platform to experiment any complex cyber enabled architecture, and experimentation infrastructure for security of cyber-enabled systems. In addition, it will provide the ability for compliance testing and validation framework for PCI-DSS, HIPPA, NERC etc., a competition framework for security and computing competitions, and a research testbed for cyber augmented and/or enabled systems.


Dempster Hall 241
Harrison College of Business and Computing
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