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Graduate Admission

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Admission Criteria for Master of Arts in Communication Disorders

All candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. An undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders (or equivalent area) from a regionally accredited college or university OR completion of a post-baccaulareate leveling program in Communication Disorders (or equivalent area) with a regionally accredited college or university; and
  2. A minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 OR a minimum GPA of 3.0 during the last 2 semesters of undergraduate study during which at least 30 credit hours was earned.

Special Considerations in Admissions

  • Admission to the graduate program in Communication Disorders implies that the applicant will be able to perform the functions critical for professional practice in speech-language pathology. The department has adopted official guidelines entitled “Essential Functions of Speech-Language Pathologists” and applicants should review this document prior to application.
  • Admission to the graduate program in Communication Disorders implies that the applicant will have sufficient mastery of English in order to effectively communicate in professional practice. Students who are non-native speakers of English must submit scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Scores must be earned within two years of the application deadline. Applicants must earn a minimum score of 20 in each subsection and minimum overall score of 100 to be considered for admission. The department has adopted official guidelines entitled “Guidelines for Students with Limited English Proficiency.” Applicants with limited English proficiency should review this document prior to application.
  • Occasionally, a student may be admitted on probationary status. The department's admission committee grants this status when a student exhibits potential for graduate study but does not meet the criteria for regular admission. Generally, probationary students will not be considered for admission until all students who meet status for regular admission have been offered acceptance into the graduate program. 
  • Full-time students are admitted in the summer of each academic year. Students are admitted to the program on a full-time basis only.  Sixty percent of the available seats in the admitted cohort each year will be reserved for graduates of Southeast Missouri State University. Southeast is a regional comprehensive university. A part of Southeast's mission is serving the immediate region. By reserving 60% of the available seats in a given year, the department assists the university in achieving its mission to serve the region. 

Additional Admission Requirements for Applicants Without An Undergraduate Major in Communication Disorders

Applicants with undergraduate majors in disciplines other than Communication Disorders must meet the admission criteria for all graduate students indicated above and must also have completed or be enrolled in the following courses:

CD211 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism (4)
CD225 Phonetics (3)
CD230 Introduction to Communication Disorders (4)
CD340 Normal Speech and Language Development (3)
CD371 Anatomy and Physiology of the Hearing Mechanism (3)
CD406 Service Delivery in Communication Disorders (4)
CD408 Language and Fluency Disorders (3)
CD409 Articulation and Voice Disorders (3)
CD426 Hearing Disorders: Audiologic Assessment (3)

Students with undergraduate majors in disciplines other than Communication Disorders who are interested in graduate study in Communication Disorders should contact the department for a meeting with a department advisor.

Application Procedures for Admission to the Graduate Program in Communication Disorders

Step 1

The Department of Communication Disorders at Southeast Missouri State University participates in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Computerized Application System (CSDCAS). This system provides a convenient way to apply to multiple programs while submitting only one set of application materials. You may access the application at to create an account and begin the application process. Note that a fee is required to participate in the CSDCAS application system. During the application process, be sure to designate Southeast Missouri State University as one of your applicant institutions.

The deadline for submitting all application materials is January 15 for the following fall semester cohort. Applications that have not been completed by this date will be ineligible for consideration. It is the applicant’s responsibility to meet the deadline requirements.

Step 2

Follow the instructions on the CSDCAS web application carefully and submit all required materials: 

1. The GRE requirement has been waived for the 2022 application cycle.

2. The department requires 2 letters of recommendation, which are requested during the CSDCAS application process. Directions are provided in the online application. Letters should not be sent directly to the department or admissions office at the university. Only letters requested and submitted through CSDCAS will be accepted. If more than 2 letters are submitted, only the first 2 letters in order of submission will be considered by the admissions committee. It is strongly suggested to choose references such as instructors from major courses or supervisors of clinically relevant experiences, if possible. 

3. You must submit all official transcripts to CSDCAS at the address below:

CSDCAS Verification Department
P.O. Box 9113
Watertown, MA 02471

Step 3

When completing the CSDCAS web application, you will notice that there is a supplemental application required. For this requirement, you should complete the Southeast Missouri State University online Application for Graduate Admission. In addition, you must send a copy of your driver’s license or birth certificate to:

Southeast Missouri State University
Office of Admissions, MS3550
One University Plaza
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Important Note: Note that this is a procedural step required by Southeast Missouri State University in addition to the CSDCAS application.Applicants who have not completed this step by the application deadline will not be considered for admission.

Step 4

Applications for the Communication Disorders Graduate Program are considered for summer admission only. Please check the website for details. In addition to the application materials and steps required by the CSDCAS and Southeast Missouri State University applications, an interview is required for prospective graduate students. Candidates selected by the Admissions Committee members will participate in a 15-minute web-based interview in  January. Upon completion of the first round of interviews, the committee will send out decision letters.  Students have until April 15 to respond.  This process will continue on a rolling basis until all available spots in the cohort are filled. 

Step 5

If you wish to apply for a graduate assistantship or other financial assistance, please visit the department's Financial Aid page. Note that the department offers a limited number of departmental graduate assistantships for which anyone who is granted admission to the graduate program may apply. Other departments and offices on campus may also have openings available for assistantships and a list of these positions is maintained in the graduate office. Be sure to complete the application form for a graduate assistantship (this form is available on the financial aid page) if you wish to be considered for a graduate assistantship in the department. Other departments and offices may require a separate application form and/or process. The deadline for application for graduate assistantships in the department is January 15. Decisions regarding graduate assistantships are made after admissions have been determined and are offered only to students who have accepted admission.

Need Assistance?

If you have questions concerning any aspect of the CSDCAS web application process, please contact CSDCAS via the methods described below: 

If you have questions concerning the supplemental application to Southeast Missouri State University, please contact Graduate Admissions at 573.651.2192 or

If you have questions about admission to the graduate program in Communication Disorders at Southeast Missouri State University, contact Dr. Jayanti Ray, Department Chairperson ( or Mrs. Amy Herren, Graduate Admissions Committee Chairperson (


Jayanti Ray, PhD
Interim Chair
Communication Disorders
Phone: (573) 651-2155
Office: Grauel 112F

Center for Speech and Hearing
402 N. Pacific
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701