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The Center for Speech and Hearing provides a broad range of speech-language pathology and audiology services which are available to the public.  All services are provided under the supervision of nationally certified and state licensed speech-language pathologists or audiologists.  Inquiries regarding diagnostic and/or intervention services may be made at 573-651-2050 or by contacting the clinic coordinator, Amy Herren.

Diagnostic and therapeutic services are available for children and adults addressing the following areas:

We assess and treat conditions affecting a person's ability to produce the sounds in speech required for others to understand the intended message. In children, this condition is most often caused by a developmental delay or disorder affecting articulation or phonology. In adults, speech disorders can be caused by stroke, traumatic brain injury, or degenerative disease such as Parkinson's Disease. We also treat speech sound disorders caused by craniofacial differences or functional differences in oral musculature or structure

We assess and treat conditions affecting the quality, loudness, and pitch of a person's voice. We also provide services for individuals wishing to modify their voice to better reflect their gender identity.

We assess and treat conditions affecting resonance, or how the voice is affected by structures comprising the vocal tract. 

 We assess and treat conditions affecting a person's ability to process and understand what others' say (receptive language). This includes following directions, comprehending stories, answering questions, and understanding vocabulary words. 

We also assess and treat conditions affecting a person's ability to communicate a message to others (expressive language). This includes acquiring new vocabulary words, formulating sentences, describing personal experiences, and asking questions.

The cause of these conditions could be developmental, meaning a person is born with the condition, or acquired, meaning the person has suffered from a brain injury or disease process resulting in the condition (ex: aphasia). 

 We assess and treat conditions affecting one's hearing. Our audiologist on staff can conduct full audiological evaluations designed to identify the presence hearing loss or auditory processing deficits.  We can provide Aural Rehabilitation focused on speech and language development  for individuals with hearing loss, aided by hearing aids, cochlear implants, or other assistive equipment.

 We assess and treat conditions affecting one's fluency in speech. These conditions include stuttering and cluttering. 
We assess and treat individuals who have significant impairments in verbal communication in need of a functional communication system. We can provide intervention customized to the needs of the client using light-tech or high-tech systems.
We assess and treat individuals who are struggling with reading and writing, including dyslexia. We align our assessment and intervention practices with a Structured Literacy approach.
 We assess and treat individuals with conditions affecting attention, memory, reasoning, executive function, problem solving in a way that directly impacts a person's ability to communicate. 
 We assess and treat individuals seeking assistance with social-pragmatic language skills. We support the use of neurodiverse approaches that focus on developing self-advocacy skills and self-regulation.
 We assess and treat young children with developmental delays or disorders by providing a family-centered approach that empowers caregivers to learn and use language stimulation strategies in daily routines and play-based activities.
We provide non-medical intervention for feeding and swallowing disorders for children and adults.


Jayanti Ray
Communication Disorders
Phone: (573) 651-2155
Office: Grauel 112F

Center for Speech and Hearing
402 N. Pacific
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