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  • CD 110 - Language and Culture of the Deaf
    The study of the deaf culture and community, including an introduction to sign language. (General Education course) (3)
  • CD 211 - Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism
    The study of the structures and functions of speech and hearing systems. Analysis of how normal speech structures function to produce speech. Includes introduction to methods used for speech behaviors. Prerequisites: BS103; completion of 30 hours. (4)
  • CD 225 - Phonetics
    The study of clinical and linguistic phonetics. Anatomical, physiological, and acoustical parameters of speech production; articulation of vowels, diphthongs, and consonants and their classifications; dialectical variations of speech productions; clinical transcription training using the International Phonetic Alphabet. Prerequisites: completion of 30 hours. (3)
  • CD 230 - Introduction to Communication Disorders
    A survey of disorders of communication. Emphasis on the nature and causes of the disorders and introduction to the general principles of assessment and treatment. Includes a 1-hour laboratory for completion of observation hours. Prerequisites: completion of 30 hours. (4)
  • CD 340 - Normal Speech and Language Development
    The study of speech sound development and the acquisition and development of child language based on content, form and use. Prerequisite: completion of 30 hours; CD230 or concurrent enrollment in CD230. (3)
  • CD 371 - Anatomy and Physiology of the Hearing Mechanism
    Basic course in hearing science including the physics of sound, anatomy, and physiology of the hearing mechanism, theoretical aspects of the hearing mechanism. Prerequisite: CD211. (3)
  • CD 402 - Clinical Practicum in Communication Disorders
    Combined lecture and supervised clinical experience in managing children and adults with communication disorders. A minimum of 30 clock hours must be obtained for the course. Prerequisites: CD406. (3)
  • CD 406 - Service Delivery in Communication Disorders
    Study of the materials and techniques used in managing children and adults with communication disorders; service delivery, report writing, basic clinical intervention techniques. Prerequisite: CD 230, CD211, CD225, CD340. (4)
  • CD 408 - Language and Fluency Disorders
    The study of etiology, prevention, assessment and intervention in language and fluency disorders. (3)
    3.000 Credit hours. The purpose of the course is for students to integrate and apply knowledge of language and fluency disorders, their etiologies, characteristics, prevention, assessment and intervention strategies. Pre-requisites: CD 230, CD225, CD211 and CD 340; or consent of instructor.
  • CD 409 - Language and Fluency Disorders
    The study of etiology, prevention, assessment and intervention in articulation, voice and resonance disorders (2)
    Pre-requisites: CD230, CD340, or consent of the instructor.
  • CD 426 - Hearing Disorders: Audiological Assessment
    Basic course in diagnostic audiology including instrumentation, calibration, case history interview, pure-tone audiometry, speech audiometry, acoustic immittance, electrophysiologic assessment and audiometric interpretation. Prerequisite: CD371. (3)
  • CD 461-463 - Independent Study
    Individual study in speech pathology, or sciences basic to speech. Prerequisite: consent of department chairperson and college dean. (1-3)
  • CD 510 - Multicultural Issues in Communication Disorders
    Introduction to the complex relationships existing between language, society, and communication disorders. A difference versus disorders approach is utilized in considering communicative issues. Assessment and intervention approaches will also be discussed. Students are acquainted with ethnographic approaches to research in real-life fieldwork experiences. Prerequisites: CD 230, CD211, CD225, CD340. (3)
  • CD 525 - Audiological Rehabilitation
    Management of hearing impairment and auditory-based learning disabilities in children and adults including psychosocial, technological, educational, and cultural aspects. Prerequisites: CD426 or concurrent enrollment in CD426. (3)


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