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Overview of Clinical Practicum

Information for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate majors in communication disorders are required to complete one semester of on-campus clinical practicum. Students enroll in CD402 (3 credit hours) during either the fall or spring of the senior year. One credit hour of this enrollment consists of clinical seminars conducted during the weekly clinic meeting. These meetings cover important clinical and professional issues. In addition, the student will meet regularly with the clinical supervisor(s) to whom they have been assigned.

The remaining 2 credit hours of this enrollment will consist of 1-2 client assignments in the area of speech, language, and/or hearing. These clients typically are seen for therapy for two 50-minute sessions per week during the regular semester, although there are occasionally alternate schedules for some clients. Students enrolled in practicum submit a schedule to the Clinic Coordinator prior the start of the semester to ensure that scheduling of clinic assignments does not conflict with class and work schedules.

In all cases, students are supervised directly by clinical educators who are licensed in the state of Missouri and certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Supervision is provided at a minimum 25% of the time per student per client. This percentage of supervision time may be adjusted upward at the discretion of the supervisor.

During speech, language, or hearing therapy assignments, students are responsible for following a prescribed treatment plan, submitting weekly lesson plans, completing weekly summary notes ("SOAP" notes), communicating with the client or caregiver/parent through regular conferences, conducting each therapy session, investigating and applying evidence-based practice guidelines, and maintaining professional behavior at all times.

Finally, in all clinical practice, students are expected to fully abide by the ASHA Code of Ethics, exhibit professional behavior,  remain within the scope of practice of Speech-Language Pathology, and document all clinical activities and clinical clock hours obtained.

Questions regarding clinical practicum may be directed to the Clinic Coordinator. Various guidelines and forms pertaining to clinical practicum may be accessed from the links below.



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