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Donations to the Foundation

All gifts to departments/divisions are to be deposited with the Foundation.  The Foundation will issue an official receipt for each gift for the donor's tax records. The Foundation establishes restricted or endowed accounts in accordance with the wishes of the donor and Foundation's policies. A weekly report is created for each department which receives a donation.

New/Change Index Form

(Adobe PDF) (Microsoft .XLS)

Please complete the New/Change Index Form when a new index number or a change in a current index number is desired.

Check Request

A Payment Voucher Form is completed when payment is to be made from a Foundation account. Place an "F" in the chart of accounts and include your Foundation index code. An original invoice must be provided  for payment. The Foundation will mail the payment directly to the vendor or return to the department, if requested. Please allow 7 to 10 working days for a payment to be processed. The Foundation cannot process payments for wages or honorariums.

Transfer of Funds

(Adobe PDF) (Microsoft .xls)

The Transfer of Funds form is completed when Foundation funds need to be transferred to a University account. The transfer form can also be used for a transfer of funds between Foundation accounts. Please note: Once Foundation funds have been transferred to a University index, they may not be transferred back to the Foundation.

Gift Information Report

(Adobe PDF) (Microsoft .xls)

When departments receive non-monetary gifts, a Gift Information Report must be completed and forwarded to the Foundation. Verification for the value of the gift must be attached to the form to receive gift credit. Non-monetary gifts can include equipment, software, property, livestock, etc. If known, include applicable Foundation account number on form.

Determining Foundation Index Balance

To determine the balance in a Foundation index code, you must log into Internet Native Banner. Once logged in, proceed to screen FGITBSR. Enter the following:

  1. In "COA" type an F, then tab
  2. In "Fiscal Year" enter current fiscal year, then tab
  3. In "Fund" enter your Index code, then next block
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. Next to "Current Fund Balance" you will see your balance. There should be a "C" next to the amount which indicates a positive balance. If there is a "D" next to the amount, it indicates your Index is in deficit.

Athletics Tickets & Redhawks Club Membership Payroll Deduction Form

University Payroll Deduction

(Adobe PDF) (Microsoft .doc)

Affidavit to Request Placement of a Lost, Stolen or Undelivered Check

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