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Application Procedures

Submit ALL the following documentation to Ms. Tammy Underwood, Executive Assistant to the Dean of Students in AC 010:
  1. Completed Student Professional Development Funding Request
  2. Signed Student Travel Release Form

    No student travel will be approved without a completed release form.

  3. Letter of Support/Departmental Letter

    A letter of support from the approving faculty or staff member is required which explains the educational/professional benefit of the travel (for the student and/or institution). It is expected that students will solicit funds from his/her department or other campus sources. The letter should also address other funding requests and the amounts granted. This can be submitted via e-mail.

  4. Confirmation of acceptance to present at an event if applicable

    Conference schedules needs to be submitted showing a listing of date and time of presentation and/or an e-mail from a conference representative confirming that the student(s) is presenting

Quick Reference Guide for Travel Cost Reimbursement
  • Keep the original detailed itinerary/receipt showing names of the passenger and the airline, boarding passes, the amount paid, and the scheduled departure and return dates and times.
Registration Fees
  • Unless prior approval is granted, registration fees will only be reimbursed if the student pays the registration fee in advance and provides a written receipt that indicates the amount paid.
  • For overnight stays, students can be reimbursed for lodging expenses up to $100 per day as a portion of their allowable travel funds.
  • When sharing the hotel room with another student, ask the hotel to prepare separate receipts. If they will not do this, try to get both names listed on the receipt. When checking out, each traveler should pay for his/her share of the room expenses.
  • Keep the original detailed receipt showing the name of the traveler, the name and location of the hotel, a daily itemization of charges, and the amount paid.
Rental Cars
  • Rental cars should be reserved through Enterprise when available.
  • Rental car expenses may not be split between travelers, and gasoline expenses may only be reimbursed to the person who rented the car.
  • Only rentals for compact, intermediate or full size sedans are reimbursed. If you need a larger vehicle, you must justify that choice in writing.
  • Get an itemized receipt for your rental car expenses when you turn in the car.
Personal Cars
  • Travel funds ONLY cover Personal Auto Mileage when approved prior to the trip. Gas expenses are not reimbursed.
  • Meals are reimbursed at a per diem rate as determined by the University’s travel guidelines
    Itemized receipts are necessary to receive these funds.
  • Meals included with registration fees or on the scheduled agenda should not be claimed for reimbursement.


Academic Hall 010 - 011
Dean of Students Office
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