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Mission, Vision & Strategic Plan


The College of Education, Health, and Human Studies provides innovative, relevant, and experiential approaches that support, empower, and engage scholars and life-long learners who are equipped to transform lives and serve communities.


The vision of the College of Education, Health, and Human Studies is to implement data-driven programs that achieve national recognition for excellence in the preparation of culturally-responsive, competent, and reflective practitioners. Together we will transform the quality of lives within our society, locally and globally.

Strategic Plan

To fulfill our Mission and Vision the College of Education, Health, and Human Studies strives to

  • Be the College of First Choice for students, faculty, staff and  employers in south eastern Missouri and surrounding states
  • Maintain national, state and program accreditation
  • Use a data driven, continuous improvement model across all programs
  • Lead the change in educational policy and implementation
  • Embrace a scholar practitioner model of research
  • Provide practical experience through immersive and diverse field experiences at all levels
  • Develop professionals who have mastered content and pedagogy
  • Provide opportunities for candidates to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to be caring, compassionate leaders
  • Develop self-reflective practitioners
  • Develop  technological leaders through hands on experiences to impact the population we serve
  • Develop leaders in evidence based instructional models to enhance student performance
  • Develop professionals who are able to differentiate instruction for all learners
  • Promote universal design for learning in our instructional practices
  • Develop mutually beneficial student and professional relationships
  • Participate in communities of practice
  • Integrate social justice into our practices
  • Provide service to our collaborative partners and communities
  • Communicate with stakeholders through multiple methods


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College of Education, Health and Human Studies
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