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With the rapid pace of globalization is necessary to educate global citizens who have the necessary tools to study permanently interact and communicate as a global language is English.


Educate our children (as) moral and responsible, respectful of the human condition, rights and duties character.

Discovering and developing the skills of our children in an atmosphere of family values with an educational environment and curriculum heavily focused on developing language skills in English and Spanish, according to current educational policies and the demands of the needs of contemporary society that requires people to understand that through a quality education can access better opportunities in their future professional lives.

Early Childhood

Preschool beginning at age 3 through third grade.


Grade1 through 6

Middle School

Subject areas available include English, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies, Science


Freshman and Sophomore grades only, English and Social Studies


Faculty at Eagles’ College serve as role models to the students. Student teachers must wear the required faculty uniform. Students will also be expected to work the routine hours of the faculty supervisors. Professionalism in all interactions between faculty, students and families is critical to a successful experience.


Students are sponsored by host families of children attending Eagles’ College at no cost.

Aire Fare

Approximately $2200 including trip insurance.


$145 for first time passport application, $110 for a renewal.

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Meals and Daily Expenses

Faculty dine at school during the lunch break. Student teachers should budget to bring a meal from “home” daily. Host families will provide some meals. In addition, students should plan for sightseeing, surfing, and other “fun” expenses. A typical budget would be between $700 and $1000.


Students are sponsored by host families of children attending Eagles’ College at no cost.

From St. Louis to Iquique

Students may travel through Dallas or Miami to Santiago, Chile with a connecting flight from Santiago to Iquique. Most flights from Dallas or Miami will be overnight. It is typically a 2 day experience to arrive in Iquique. Students will process the visa and passport in Santiago.

From Iquique to St. Louis

Students will travel from Iquique to Santiago and process the exit visa in Santiago. Connections to Miami or Dallas are typically overnight flights. All purchased goods must be declared in the arrival city on USA soil.

The City

Iquique is in Northern Chile near the Bolivia and Peru borders. It is a coastal city with a long lit board walk along the beach areas. It is a desert region with no rain and consistent temperatures throughout the year.

Universidad Arturo Prat

Students will attend the weekly Student Teaching Seminar with students attending UAP. This class is on Wednesday afternoons.


Scully Building 304A

Field Experiences Office
One University Plaza, MS5600
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701