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Master of Science in Technology Management

This Master of Science program is available both on our main campus in Cape Girardeau and as a 100% online program. However, only selected elective courses are available online.

The Technology Management Program is Designed to:

  1. Develop advanced competencies needed by technical managers, supervisors, and related positions in world-class industries and related enterprises.
  2. Broaden the career potential of individuals through the ability to implement systems, increase productivity, and improve product quality.
  3. Develop a broad perspective needed for those employed in, or aspiring to, positions of responsibility in industry

Courses and Curriculum

Students should choose one of the following degree paths:

Degree Path 1
  • Thesis
  • IM600 - Managing Technology Innovation
  • IM602 - Advanced Quality Concepts*
  • IM603 - Technology Supervision in Diverse Workplace
  • FM504 - Facilities Management and Sustainability
  • IM605 - Lean Thinking and Cost Reduction
  • IM606 - Knowledge Management
  • IM691 – Understanding Graduate Research
  • Elective 1**
  • Elective 2**
  • Elective 3**
  • -
  • IM694 - Thesis
  • GR699 - Oral Exam
  • Total Hours: 33
Degree Path 2
  • Applied Project
  • IM600 - Managing Technology Innovation
  • IM602 - Advanced Quality Concepts*
  • IM603 - Technology Supervision in Diverse Workplace
  • FM504 - Facilities Management and Sustainability
  • IM605 - Lean Thinking and Cost Reduction
  • IM606 - Knowledge Management
  • IM691 – Understanding Graduate Research
  • Elective 1**
  • Elective 2**
  • Elective 3**
  • -
  • IM693 - Applied Research Project
  • GR698 - Oral Presentation
  • Total Hours: 33
Degree Path 3
  • Graduate Paper
  • IM600 - Managing Technology Innovation
  • IM602 - Advanced Quality Concepts*
  • IM603 - Technology Supervision in Diverse Workplace
  • FM504 - Facilities Management and Sustainability
  • IM605 - Lean Thinking and Cost Reduction
  • IM606 - Knowledge Management
  • IM691 – Understanding Graduate Research
  • Elective 1**
  • Elective 2**
  • Elective 3**
  • Elective 4**
  • IM6XX - Modeling and Simulation
  • GR698 - Oral Presentation
  • Total Hours: 36

* For those students without previous experience or education in manufacturing systems, engineering economics, and statistical process control an additional prerequisite course may be required that does not count as graduate credit.

** The elective classes should be chosen from one of the following option areas. Please note that some of these classes may require prerequisites. Contact an advisor for details.

Course Number Course Name
CY501 Introduction to Cybersecurity
CY510 Information Security and Assurance
CY520 Information Security in Systems Administration
CY620 Web Application Security
CY620 Computer Forensics
Course Number Course Name
CM510 Building Information Modeling
ET570 Energy Management
FM554 Facilities Operation and Supervision
IM506 Projects in Industrial & Engineering Technology
EV654 Risk Assessment Applications
Course Number Course Name
IE590 Assessment for Career & Technical Education
IE592 Selection & Organization of Subject Matter
IE593 Principles & Practices of Industrial Technical Teaching
IE595 Teaching Adults in Career & Technical Education
IE596 Philosophy in Career & Technical Education
IE597 Coordination of Cooperative Education
IM520 Technical Training and Development
IM521 Technical Change and Human Resource Development
IM522 Technical Leadership in Training and Development
IM523 Training and Development of Technical Teams
Course Number Course Name
ET568 Industrial Controls
ET570 Energy Management
IM617 Manufacturing Resource Analysis
MN512 Advanced Manufacturing Systems
MN516 Manufacturing Seminar
Course Number Course Name
IM515 Advanced Technical Communication
IM516 Document and Presenting Technical Instructions and Proposals
IM517 Software in Technical Documents
IM518 Advanced Technical Document Design, Organization, and Graphics
Course Number Course Name
TN562 Networking I
TN563 LAN Switching
TN564 Telecommunications & Networking II
TN565 Network Management
TN566 IP Telephony
TN625 Wireless Communications & Mobile Data Networks
TN635 Network Security
Course Number Course Name
EV551 Hazardous Material Assessment
EV653 Occupational Health
EV654 Risk Assessment Applications
EV655 Industrial Hygiene
EV660 Introduction to Toxicology
EV661 Business Strategies for Corporate Environmental Management

Developed with consent of advisor to meet individual career needs of the student, which may include Independent Study and/or Problems in Industrial & Engineering Technology courses.

Why Should I Get My Master's Degree at Southeast?

The MS Technology Management program at Southeast is designed with the help from industries we serve in the Southeast Missouri regions. The curricula for the graduate program have been designed to incorporate appropriate theories and practices utilized in "real-world" applications for addressing the needs of modern industries. It is also designed to serve technical managers, production supervisors, engineers, technicians, and related types of individuals who wish to study full-time or part-time to prepare for or enhance their leadership positions in industry and related enterprises. Upon completing the program, graduates will serve as effective leaders, supervisors, and managers in technical enterprises.

The Department of Engineering & Technology is recognized as a "Center of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology". The master's program is housed in the Seabaugh Polytechnic Building. The building has nearly 70,000 square feet of floor space. Building highlights include: 12 laboratories with the latest high-tech equipment, five classrooms with multimedia instructional technology and internet access, an interactive television classroom, three fully networked computer labs, and a Technology Resource Center (TRC).

The department provides opportunities for its students to participate in experiential learning opportunities with industries in Southeast Missouri where they engage in research related activities to solve "real-world" application problems. Examples of industries that has participated in such activities includes but not limited to, Proctor & Gamble, TG Missouri, Tyco Health Care, Missouri Department of Transportation, Southeast Missouri State University – Facilities Management, Technology Resource Center, Missouri Research Corporation, etc.

Admissions Policies/Requirements

In addition to the criteria established for general admission to the school of graduate studies, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Regular Admission
  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA (or over 65% weighted score for international applicants without a GPA)
  • Have no more than 3 repeated courses (absences excluded) and no more than 2 attempts (1 repeat) of a single course
  • Have coursework or significant background in engineering economics (MN220 or equivalent), quality control (IM311 or equivalent), and process management (IM313 or IM315 or equivalent)
    • A placement test is used to determine the need for prerequisites. The test will be given in the week before or during the first week of classes.
    • Students can take IM302 to meet this requirement
Probationary Admission
  • For students above 2.5 GPA (57% weighted score for international applicants without GPA) and/or not meeting the regular admission criteria (i.e. have 4-7 repeated courses), the department requires the following:
    • Official GRE scores in addition to the above criteria:
      • Verbal: 140 (new) or at least 10th percentile, and
      • Quantitative: 153 (new) or at least 50th percentile
    • At least band 6.0 on a scale of 9-band in the writing section of IELTS OR 20 on a scale of 30 in the writing section of the TOEFL

Earn graduate credit while finishing your undergraduate program!

Accelerated Program for the Technology Management Masters

The accelerated master’s degree program allows certain undergraduate students to take classes in their senior year that count for both undergraduate credit and graduate credit. Our Master of Science in Technology Management program was approved for this program. We encourage you to consider this opportunity.

If you have ever considered working on a Master’s program, this may be an excellent opportunity for you to begin.

Program Requirements:

  • Student has at least 75 credit undergraduate credit hours completed
  • Maximum of 12 hours (500 level) can be transferred to the graduate program in total with no more than 6 hours per semester.
  • Minimum grade point average of 3.25
  • Prior to taking any of the accelerated courses, the accelerated program application must be submitted and approved by the department:
  • In the final semester of the undergraduate program the formal graduate application must be submitted

Program Notes:

  • Tuition will be charged at the undergraduate rate.
  • Course will be initially recorded as undergraduate credit at the end of semester.
  • After grades are submitted at the end of the semester, the courses will be added to your graduate course list for graduate credit

Career Opportunities

Potential careers for graduates of MS Technology Management program includes job titles such as QA/QC Managers, Safety Supervisors, Facility Managers, Technical Managers, Engineering Managers, Production Supervisors, etc. Graduates of this program have found career opportunities and/or advancements with companies such as Nordenia, TG Missouri, Dana Corporation, UPS, Tyco Healthcare, Sears, etc.

Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

Graduate teaching and research assistantships may be available to qualified students. Graduate students are typically funded through a stipend and the waiving of the cost of some tuition/incidental fees . If you are interested in a Graduate Assistantship please contact the department.

GA Applications
GA Position Descriptions

Research Opportunities

Research opportunities may be available to students through individual faculty members’ research projects, Technology Resource Center, Missouri Research Corporation, and also from industries seeking to solve problems applicable to improving a process, service, procedure, or a product. The department has been successful in attracting funding opportunities and research projects from various organizations interested in using the expertise of our faculty and graduate students for solving a variety of application related research problems. Research assistantship (RA) opportunities are sometimes available to support student research activities in the department. For more details, please consult department chairperson.

Teaching Opportunities

The department is committed to providing teaching opportunities for its Graduate Assistants in the form of teaching and supervision of laboratory activities, and for teaching of lower-division courses. Laboratory teaching and supervision duties are also available for qualified graduate students interested in pursuing teaching opportunities.

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