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About Douglas C. Greene

The Center is named for Douglas C. Greene, a successful and visionary entrepreneur. Mr. Greene is a long-time supporter and advisor to the entrepreneurship program at Southeast Missouri State University and has demonstrated his passion for entrepreneurship through scholarships and other resources for the university.

Following his graduation from Marietta College, Greene began his career with Sears Roebuck & Company in the executive training program. During his time at Sears, he served as a store manager, manager of an experiential, start-up retailing operation in a suburb of New York City, and was responsible for introducing the Radial tire and Diehard battery to Sear’s stores. He worked at the company’s Chicago headquarters as the national buyer of lighting fixtures and fireplace equipment.

After 13 years with Sears, Greene left to take over a Portland, Ore., company that manufactured glass door fire screens, and went on to own or manage several other glass door fire screen companies before starting a new company that developed remote control systems for gas fireplaces. Nicknamed the “Father of Fireplace Remotes,” Mr. Greene grew the company into an innovative, worldwide business venture.

He sold the remote business in 2001 and founded Skytech Enterprises, a company specializing in the development of Infrared (IR) devices for pain management and skin care treatments. He continues to actively develop several technology-based startups. Greene has traveled extensively, sourcing products in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Spain, (former) Yugoslavia and India.

Douglas C. Greene Career and & Aha Moments Presentation

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Douglas C. Greene Career & Aha Moments - Full This is 55 minutes long. Separate segments are below.
Douglas C. Greene on Starting at Sears
Douglas C. Greene on Becoming an Entrepreneur
Douglas C. Greene on Innovation in Industry
Douglas C. Greene on Collaboration
Douglas C. Greene on Selling the Business
Douglas C. Greene on the Remote Envy
AquaSmart Presentation
AquaSmart - Full This is 55 minutes long. Separate segments are below
AquaSmart - The Birth of the AquaSmart
AquaSmart - Inspiration for the AquaSmart
AquaSmart - Introducing the AquaSmart
AquaSmart - Patents & Marketing
AquaSmart - Product Specifications
AquaSmart - Prototypes & Testing
AquaSmart - Registering a Trademark
AquaSmart - Becoming a Corporation
AquaSmart - Shipping to the Customer
AquaSmart - Importing, Testing & Marketing
AquaSmart - Costs & Collaboration


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