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HA510 Healthcare Operations

Changes in the environment of health care delivery have renewed the importance of operational aspects of management in health care organizations This course focuses on the practical and analytical tools required to deal with operational issues in healthcare organizations. (3 hours)

HA520 Introduction to Healthcare Quality

This course provides a foundation of the quality improvement issues, including the history and drivers of quality, facing individuals in the healthcare setting. (3 hours)

HA525 Advanced Healthcare Quality

This course focuses on the implementation of quality initiatives in healthcare organizations based on organizational structure, new and existing processes, and desired outcomes. (3 hours)

HA530 Introduction to Patient Safety

This course introduces students to relevant theory and practice in the area of patient safety, including the role of management, physicians, nurses, clinicians, and support staff in patient safety initiatives. (3 hours)

HA535 Advanced Patient Safety

This course focuses on the implementation of patient safety initiatives through leadership, developing a culture of safety, and the legal and ethical concerns in the context of patient safety. (3 hours)

HA540 Healthcare Informatics

An introduction to information technology as it is applied to health care and health related organizations. An examination of how information is captured, converted and stored in machine readable form and used in the various facets of the health care system; the impact of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and mobile computing on the healthcare system. (3 hours)

HA545 Healthcare Database Systems

A study of the design of databases used in healthcare. Types of database architectures, normalization techniques, file and access techniques, query, and update languages, data integrity, use of health record systems, and applications of databases to support the healthcare system. (3 hours)

HA580 Management of Health Systems: Strategy & Quality

An introduction to comparative health systems, impact on strategy and quality. (3 hours)

HA582 Healthcare Budgeting and Reimbursement

This course is an introduction to health care budgeting and reimbursement and the impact of resource allocation on health care delivery. (3 hours)

HA585 Marketing for Health Services Organizations

Introduction to strategic marketing in health care. Concepts and tactics marketers use to develop cutting-edge value propositions for key target audiences in a range of health care settings. (3 hours)

HA620 Research Methodology in Healthcare

This course provides an introduction to research and program evaluation in a healthcare setting. (3 hours)

HA657 Applied Research Project in Healthcare

Designed to understand the process by which healthcare leaders respond to healthcare problems. Integrates research skills and professional healthcare practices and provides an opportunity to apply current research to a healthcare problem. (3 hours)

HA658 Graduate Internship in Healthcare

A supervised field experience in a healthcare related setting involving at least 150 supervised contact hours. (Credit/no credit, 3 credit hours)

HA681 Health Administration Policy

A case-based capstone course in healthcare policy, including impact on health issues and analysis. (3 hours)

HA691-3 Independent Study in Healthcare

A study of an approved specific problemin healthcare management, preferably one growing out of previous course work or from practical experience. (1-3 credit hours - repeatable)

BA600 Organizational Behavior in Practice

Explores challenges in managing organizations and leading employees in a dynamic environment. Covers concepts of applied organizational behavior and usage of leading human resource practices in multiple contexts. (3 hours)

BA630 Integrated Decision Information Systems

Use of information systems technologies to support decision making. Topics include management information systems, decision support systems, and system development. (3 hours)

BA656 Applied Human Resource Management

Study of applied human resource management in the field of equal employment law, diversity, recruitment process, training and development, performance appraisals, and employee rights (3 hours)

MG575 Information Technology Management

The major focus is business alignment with technology as pertaining to strategic frameworks for IT deployment in an organization. The course is of applied nature, with discussions on industry practices in managing IT. (3 hours)

EC585 Healthcare Economics

This course analyzes the markets for health care and health insurance from the perspective of an economist. Health economics is an area of study within the field of applied microeconomics and places emphasis on the importance of individual choice among buyers and sellers, the role of prices as a rationing mechanism, the structure of market competition, and the possible inefficiencies associated with market and government failures. (3 hours)


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