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HyFlex Courses for Ultimate Flexible Learning

Students already choose the courses they take and when they take them. At Southeast, we think they should be able to choose how they take them—and they should get to decide that for each class period throughout the semester!

HyFlex courses allow students to attend class in any of three modes:

  • Face-to-face – in-person, traditional classroom environment
  • Synchronous Online – same time as the face-to-face class, but online using video conferencing technology
  • Online – different time, different place, using multimedia technology but still following a week-by-week schedule.


You Have Options

red outlined box 1: tradtional class setting, interact real-time with instructor and other other students, offset box says 'in person' with arrow pointing to next red outlined box 2: video calls to live class, interact real-time with instructor and other students with offset box that says 'synchronous online/zoom' and arrow pointing to next red outlined box 3: Engage online at your own pace, interact with instructor and online students using email and online platforms with offset box that says 'online'

Choose How I Learn

It’s your education; it should fit your learning style and schedule. So, you get to choose each class whether to attend on campus or in real time online or later when it’s convenient for you.

Classes That Adapt to Your Needs

Flat tire? Scheduled for work? Oversleep? Life no longer has to interfere with your learning.

If you can’t make a class in person, you have options, meaning you won’t fall behind in your studies. If you prefer remote learning, attend in-person only when you need extra help or to ask more questions. HyFlex courses offer you the ultimate in flexible learning.

At Southeast, we know your education is just one of your responsibilities. Your course schedule shouldn’t be an obstacle to your degree.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From the Look Up Classes: Advanced Find feature, select all course codes, then choose an attribute of “HyFlex section”. Note the course campus, location and date/time to determine when and where class meetings will occur. Remember, you can choose to attend these classes online, through webinar or in the physical classroom.
Online students in a HyFlex class will be billed at the online tuition rate. South campuses (Sikeston and Kennett) students will be charged $181.00 per credit hour for lower level courses (000-299) and the standard tuition rate for any other Hyperflex enrollments. Main campus students taking a HyFlex class will be charged the standard tuition rate. Currently, there is not a HyFlex course fee, but that is subject to change in future semesters.
International students holding F1 or J1 visas enrolled in a HyFlex class are expected to attend face to face classes at least once a week and are not to take the class in a fully virtual setting.
 A+ students who wish to enroll in a HyFlex class, will need to select only those HyFlex classes originating or meeting at a regional campus to remain eligible for A+ benefits.
 Because HyFlex courses are charged out based on the student type, there should be no changes to benefits based on registering for HyFlex. Please contact the Office of Military and Veterans Services for any questions or concerns.

 Online students at Southeast as defined as students studying entirely online in an online approved degree program. Online students are charged an online tuition rate. However, any student can at Southeast can enroll in online or HyFlex classes.

 Not necessarily. If you choose to participate in the class in a face to face environment, you may not need any special technology. If you plan to attend online, you will need access to the Learning Management System. If you plan to join the class via webinar, you need at least audio capability but may also prefer video via a webcam. As with any class, consult your faculty to determine specific technology needs for HyFlex. You might also visit the Information Technology website for additional technology needs


Similar to ITV classes, you may be recorded while participating in your HyFlex class. Students should expect that every class session will be live streamed, recorded, and posted in the secure learning management system for playback. The classroom will be equipped with speakers & microphones.

Zoom, the webinar platform most commonly used at Southeast, is focused on information security and privacy, two major components of the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance. Zoom does not monitor, view, or track video or audio contents of meetings. And Zoom does not share customer data with third parties.

 HyFlex is designed so that you can select how you participate in each class. However, your instructor may ask to survey your mode preference. This can help with activity planning, among other things. Based on your student type, you may also have special attendance requirements. Please see the full FAQ to learn more about the special student types.

 Visit this link for an LMS demo course and other technology assistance

 Refer to the resources provided by your faculty member and contact the IT Helpdesk with questions

 Check with the faculty member of a specific question you’re interested in. For general questions, contact your advisor.

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