COVID-19 Information

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New Proposals

The forms you will need to fill out will depend on the nature of your project or class activity. All new proposals must contain Form A (Cover Page) and Form B (Personnel). Form A will indicate which additional forms you will need to fill out. You can also refer to the information below. When completed, send all forms to

Annual Reports

Every year the Principle Investigator(s) must fill out an annual report (Form Y). If you made changes to the personnel or protocol you must fill out the corresponding forms (Listed on Form Y and listed below). If no changes were made to the personnel or the protocol, then only Form Y needs to be submitted. Note: protocols are only good for a maximum of three years. You will need to fill out a new proposal to continue the project after three years. When completed, send all forms to

Application for Exemption

Certain protocols may not be required to fill out an entire proposal. Form X lists possible exemptions. If you fill out Form X, you may not start the project or class activity until the IACUC committee has approved the exemption. If you are not sure if your project meets the exemption criteria, please contact the chair of the IACUC committee. When completed, send the form to

How animals will be studied

Off Campus Activities

Studies or course activities that do not involve holding animals on campus.

Short Term Campus Activities

Long Term Campus Activities

Holding Animals on Campus

If you will hold animals on campus, what will be the source of the animals?

Animals will be captured from the wild

Animals will be purchased or supplied

Use if Applicable

Pain or Distress

Animals in the USDA Pain or Distress Classification D or E or requiring the use of analgesic/anesthetic/tranquilizing drugs


Instruction in a Classroom Setting


Includes: Tagging, temporary capture for measurements

Use of Hazardous Agents

Radiolabeled, biological, chemical agents


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