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Incompatible Technology

Some technology meant for home use will not function properly in our residence halls, academic buildings, and administrative offices. Certain devices will interfere with other devices, especially wireless devices, when used in a densely populated area.

We ask that you do not use any of the following on the campus network.

We ask that you do not use your printer in wireless mode. Almost all wireless printers can use a wired connection to your computer. You are welcome to using your own printer inside the dorms, but please disable the WiFi on the printer itself, because it leads to poor WiFi performance in the area and can be a security risk to your device. The printer could also be used by everyone in the dorm.

If you are concerned about printing on campus, feel free to explore the printing page for the IT Computer Lab sections. It will explain everything you need to know about our printers, including the automatic $21 budget you receive each semester for printing on campus.

Wireless Access Points (WAPs) and Routers are explicitly not allowed on campus. Wireless access is available in all residence halls, academic buildings, the University Center, and the Recreation Centers (where signal is available). If you have concerns about the network, please call the IT Help Desk (573-651-4357)

Using a WAP or Router on campus can cause your buildings network to malfunction. Using these devices on campus is a violation of ResNet and Acceptable Usage Policies, and may result in a disconnection from the network and disciplinary action.

Note: Using Personal 3G/4G Hotspot devices are allowed in Academic and University buildings, but is discouraged in Dormitories. This sections is aimed toward Routers and WAPs meant for home networks.

Femtocells are intended for use in a home or small business to improve cell phone coverage. They are not meant for use in a densely populated area such as dormitories or academic buildings. 

Cordless phones (cordless handsets with base stations attached to a landline) interfere with WiFi. If you have a landline enabled on campus, please use a corded phone. Cell phones will not cause any problems. 

Many home consumer media players do not support the security protocols used for the Southeast Wireless Network. Therefore, any media device that only supports WiFi, such as the Chromecast or Roku Stick, will not work on SoutheastSecure or SoutheastResNet. They may, however, be connected to SoutheastGameNet where service is available, such as residence halls. Please ensure before you purchase a device for use on campus that it will support a wired connection or can access SoutheastGameNet. Certain devices support a USB to Ethernet adapter, such as the Nintendo Wii and Wii U. For more information, see the Get Connected page. 

Internet of Things (IOT) devices are physical devices that can connect to the internet and transmit data. These include Amazon Echo Dot, Wifi light bulbs, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. IOT devices cannot connect to SoutheastResNet or SoutheastSecure. However, residents on-campus may connect them to SoutheastGameNet where service is available.  


IT Help Desk

(573) 651-4357
Memorial Hall 107

IT Office

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