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Useful Support Questions

When did the system start doing this?

When did the issue begin?

Has this been a recurring problem?

Did this happen today, last week?

Was anything downloaded off the Internet?

Was the system completely shut down and restarted?

Was e-mail attachment opened?

What was running previous to shutting down?

Did the system lockup?

What was the last thing the you did to the system?

Has anything changed?

Has there been any physical damage to the system (drops, spills, etc.)?

Have you added or removed any hardware?

Have you installed any programs recently?

How long have you been receiving this error?

Does the system seem to take longer to boot, to connect, to display a picture?

Are any of the standard computer noises missing or different?

Where any files zipped or unzipped?

Has the problem software been deleted (or uninstalled) and re-installed?

Is there an error message? If so what is it EXACTLY?

When does the error message appear?

Are there error messages associated with the attempted use of the program?

Does it happen every time or just sometimes?

Does the same action always bring about the same results?

If this has occurred before, is it after the initial boot?

What is the timing of the failure?

Is everything else working properly?

Have there been problems with other apps/hardware?

Is the system on a network or attached to another system?


IT Help Desk

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Memorial Hall 107

IT Office

(573) 651-2217
One University Plaza
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