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  • Beginning January 15th, the Department of Information Technology will enforce new SE Key password criteria. All Students, Faculty, and Staff accounts will be required to update their passwords to the new criteria. The new password criteria have been updated to ensure that accounts will be more secure from unauthorized users. Below are the new criteria, best practices for your passwords across all of your internet accounts, a timeline of when accounts will be ready, as well as recommendations on tools you can use to help manage passwords on your electronic devices.

Upgrade Schedule

Group Breakdown and Dates
Group 1 (Department of Information Technology) January 9th
Group 2 (Faculty and Staff)

Broken down into groups of 250, by order of Last Name

January 15th – A < Comfort
January 17th – Comfort < Hampton
January 19th – Hampton < Long
January 22nd – Long < Poston
January 24th – Poston < Thiele
January 26th – Thiele < Z
Group 3 (Students) Beginning January 29th
Group 4 (Retirees) After Group 3 is finished

The following information will be sent at the listed dates:

  • You will receive three email notifications of the change. If you fail to update your password to meet compliance, IT will randomize your password to a password that is compliant.
  • Regardless if your password is currently compliant prior to the change, all accounts will be required to update their password.

Do not use passwords that contain personal information such as birthdates or names
Use passphrases such as  Birds SwimCoffee_Purple  or  Battery21BladePixelCup

Do not use your password in multiple locations
Use a password manager to manage your different password and protect them with a Master Password

Do not use words that are easy to guess like Rowdy or password
Use uncommon words like Cord or Tack

Do not share your password with anyone, including supervisors or coworkers
Use a seperate shared password manager account if you use shared accounts with supervisors or coworkers

Do not keep unused online accounts
Review accounts in your Password Manager once a year and delete old accounts

Updated 2018

  • Minimum 12 characters
  • Maximum 32 characters
  • Must contain at least one character from three of the following four groups, including spaces:
    • uppercase letters: A-Z
    • lower case letters: a-z
    • numeric digits: 0-9
    • special characters: ~ ` ! # $ % * ( ) _ + - = { } [ ] : ' ; ? , . /
  • Spaces are allowed, but none at the beginning or ending of the password.
  • System will check for words not allowed.
Changing Your Password

You can change your password at by entering your SE Key and Current Password and then clicking Submit. You will then be prompted to enter your new password.

After you change your password, it is recommended that you restart your Office computer so that your applications will prompt you to enter your new password.

You should also go into the Settings on your mobile devices and "Forget" the SoutheastSecure network. Students should also "Forget" the SoutheastResNetSoutheastGameNet networks.

It is also recommended at this time that you go into Portal and update your Personal Information with a cell phone number and an alternate email address. This is recommended that in the event you forget your new password, you can reset it yourself at

Resetting Your Password

Method 1: Use the Self-help Password Reset tool

Students, Faculty, and Staff, have access to the Self-help Password Reset tool to reset their password at For instructions on changing your password, click here.

Method 2: Contact the Help Desk

The simplest route, to do this, is to stop by the IT Help Desk at Memorial Hall Room 107, or Towers Complex Room 108, with your Southeast ID. The Help Desk staff can reset your password to a random password. Once you have this temporary password, login to the Southeast Portal and change the random password to a secure password that only you would know.

If the Help Desk is not open or you cannot make it there, you can also reset your password via email. Send an email to and attach a picture of a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, or other government issued ID (that displays a photograph and date of birth). Your Southeast ID will not work for this step. Once your email is received and the IT staff has confirmed your identity, you will receive a temporary random password. Login to the Southeast Portal and change the random password to a secure password that only you would know.

Password Managers work by storing all of your passwords in one location, on your device or in the cloud, and locks them with a Master password. Some Managers allow you to sync your passwords across devices, so when you update your password on one computer, they update on your other devices. You should select a Password Manager that is easy for you to use and understand, and that is well known. You should also make your Master password the strongest password you have.

When you change your password, it will take various amounts of time before the change is reflected across the different services availabile at Southeast. Below is a list of those services and the estimated time it will take before your new password can be used with a service. Your experience may take longer. Please wait at least 30 minutes before contacting the Help Desk.

Service Estimated Time to Update
Banner Instantly
Banner - Test Not Until Recloned
Banner - PreProd Not Until Recloned
Banner - Upgrade Not Until Recloned
Campus Network (WiFi/LAN) Instantly (May require device reboot)
Everbridge (SE Alerts App) Up to 10 minutes
Kent Library Databases Instantly
Mail Apps for iOS & Android (Built In) Up to 10 minutes
Moodle Instantly
Office 365 (Mail & Web Applications) Up to 10 minutes
OU Campus Instantly
Outlook Desktop Application Up to 10 minutes
Outlook App for iOS & Android Up to 10 minutes
Pharos (Printing) Instantly
Portal Instantly
Skillsoft Instantly
Southeast Mobile App for iOS & Android Instantly
Web Help Desk Instantly


IT Help Desk

(573) 651-4357
Memorial Hall 107

IT Office

(573) 651-2217
One University Plaza
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701