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Wait List

*** Wait List Changes ***


Students may enroll in a wait list for a closed/full class once it has reached maximum capacity until classes begin. Please read all instructions below.

Steps Students Should Take To Be Added To A Wait List:

Online Only Majors

First contact Southeast Online at 573-651-2766 to see if a reserved seat for online students is available. 

  • They will inform you if you need to enroll in a Wait List. Reference instructions below. 

Enrolling In A Wait List For A Closed/Full Class

Note: Wait Lists may not be available for all classes. Go to the 'Look Up Classes' section of the Portal to see if wait lists have been set up. WL Cap=Wait List Capacity (number of wait lists allowed), WL Act=Wait List Actual (number of students on wait list), WL Rem=Wait List Remaining (number of seats still available on the wait list). 

  1. Sign in to the Portal / Student SS tab / Choose Add or Drop Classes / Term / PIN (if applicable)
  2. Enter the CRN for the class you want in the 'Add Classes Worksheet' section - Click on: Submit Changes
  3. If the class is closed/full, you should receive a 'Closed - Waitlist error'
    • Choose **Web Wait Listed** from the action drop-down box
    • Click 'Submit Changes' to enroll in the wait list for that section

See "How Will I Know if a Seat Becomes Available" below (You will enroll yourself) *

Note: You will not be allowed to enroll in a wait list if you have any of the following issues: 

  • Prerequisites not met
  • Delinquent account, and/or Registration holds
  • Maximum hours have already been reached or will be exceeded

If you have extenuating circumstances that you believe warrants you top priority to get into the class you are on a wait list for, please email from your Southeast email address with the following information (this information will be reviewed along with the wait lists)

  • Name-First & Last
  • S0 Number
  • Course Number & Section
  • Planned Graduation Semester & Year
  • Major & Minor
  • Advisor
  • Detailed Explanation Why You Need The Class Now

*** If you no longer want to be on a Wait List, please go to the Portal and drop the Wait Listed Class. ***

All Open Wait Lists Cancelled / Contact Instructor

  • Wait Lists are maintained until the first day of classes, at this time they are purged/cancelled. 
  • From this point on, contact the instructor, if you need a closed class. The instructor will make the determination if a student may be added to the class, subject to department chair approval.
  • 2nd 8-week classes follow this same process based on their start date. 

How Will I Know If A Seat Becomes Available?

The Department Chair will periodically review and prioritize students on wait lists throughout the registration time frame based on need, as listed below (see 'Our Department Review Process below): 

IF a seat becomes available, the automated online Wait List system will send email(s) to applicable student's Southeast email account - You will have up to 48 hours to enroll yourself (including weekends and holidays). 

  1. When you receive this email, return to the Portal 'Add or Drop Classes' section
    • Do NOT add the CRN to the worksheet again
  2. Locate the class in your schedule that you received the email notification for
    • The status should be **Web Wait Listed**
  3. Chose from drop-down menu: **Web Registered** or **Drop w/in Refund Period**
  4. Click on Submit Changes
    • If a student does not enroll within the 48 hours provided in the email notification, the seat is offered to the next student on the Wait List. If the course is still wanted, you may re-enroll in the Wait List. 

* Check your Southeast email frequently, or you could miss your opportunity to enroll in a class you wait listed *


We have a high demand for our classes and will strive to accommodate as many as we can. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

  • Due to the volume of Wait Lists in our department, we will not be able to provide updates by phone or email. You can see Enrollment and Wait List numbers in the 'Look Up Classes' section in the Portal.
  • Repetitive emailing/calling to check on your Wait List status does not help your case.
  • As provided in "Enrolling In A Wait List For A Closed/Full Class", send an email to if you have extenuating circumstances that warrant you top priority in the class (only one email, please). 

Our Department Review Process:

The Department Chair will periodically review and prioritize students on wait lists throughout the registration time frame based on need, as listed below:

Fall Wait Lists Review Dates:

  1. 2nd week in May
  2. 2nd week in June
  3. 2nd week in July
  4. 3 - 5 business days before classes start


Spring Wait Lists Review Dates:

  1. 1st week in December
  2. 1st week in January
  3. 3 - 5 business days before classes start

Summer Wait Lists Review Dates:

  1. 3rd Week in March
  2. 3rd Week in April

2nd 8-week classes - All Semesters:  Review 3 - 5 business days before classes start. 

 *** REMEMBER: This is an automated wait list system. As soon as a seat becomes available, you will receive an email to enroll in the course if you are the next person on the list. Please check your SEMO email often, and even consider turning email notifications on to avoid missing the  opportunity. You will have 48 hours to enroll once the email is sent (including weekends and holidays). 


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