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Group Classes

The study of music is far more than just learning how to sing or play an instrument. It includes the study of history, musical styles, genres and forms, music theory and much more. The Music Academy offers a variety of classes to anyone interested in learning more about music.

All classes are subject to cancellation if sufficient enrollment is not met. Any group class and/or ensemble may be taken alone or in conjunction with private lessons.

Music Academy Youth Orchestra

Students in Youth Orchestra will strengthen their music reading skill, their technical ability, and become a contributing member of our campus and regional community of artists and musicians. A performance at the end of each semester will allow members to showcase their musical growth and excellence to friends, family and the surrounding community.


  • Members are currently enrolled in study at the Music Academy. Students should be in (or above) Suzuki Book 3-with exceptions made based on teacher recommendation.
  • Demonstrated passion for working toward musical excellence and proven practice and work ethic.
  • Commitment to attending all rehearsals and performances (missing more than two rehearsals before any concert will make a student ineligible to perform). An 80% Attendance is required to participate in performance unless other arrangements are approved by the Director prior to the beginning of the semester.
  • Despite consistant attendance, an unprepared student may be excluded from performance.


Mondays from 6:00-7:00 PM on the River Campus at Southeast Missouri State University. CAC 155 during Fall semester-RCC 120 during Spring semester. Summer rehearsals will take place (Mondays) on June 14 & 21 and July 5 & 12, .



About our Directors:

Laura Ryan is the Suzuki Coordinator for the Southeast Missouri Music Academy. She has been a Music Academy Instructor for 16 years. Laura is an active performer, teacher and adjudicater in the Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky region.

Steve Schaffner is the Director of the Southeast Missouri Music Academy. He is a retired public school orchestra director, having taught 31 years in Augusta, Georgia and Cape Girardeau Public Schools.


Fall 2020 Group Classes

Adult Piano Class (suspended due to COVID)

Make music, make friends, and have FUN while doing it.  It’s not about hitting the right note or being the best-it’s about enjoying the experience, having fun, and picking up some new skills and friends along the way.

Classes are taught in our State of the Art Piano Lab (Room RCS 404) on the Southeast Missouri State University River Campus (what You remember as the St. Vincent Seminary).

Weekly lesson. Wednesdays 1:30-2:30 PM. Classes begin January 22.

Chamber Ensembles

Playing with other musicians in a small ensemble is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a musician can have. The Academy invites students playing any instrument at intermediate to advanced levels to coordinate with your private teacher about registering for this class. Ensembles will be created based upon enrollment and will subsequently be assigned to a faculty member for weekly coaching. All ensembles work towards a performance goal. Each member's participation and commitment is crucial to the success of the ensemble. Therefore, every member is required to participate in the final performance. These performances can be at an Academy recital, for a community organization, or for a special event.

Instructors: Academy Faculty

Musicianship Classes

See Musicianship Class Roster under Lessons & Classes for days and time assignments.

Instructional Fee(s) for Musicianship Classes is included in the fee for a full semester enrollment in private lessons and voice class. Instructional Fee(s) for Musicianship Class only is $60.00.

The Music Academy is proud to be the only community music school in the state of Missouri to include Musicianship Classes in the regular enrollment fee for students in grades 1-12. Musicianship classes without private lessons can be taken for $60. Our progressive and comprehensive curriculum reinforces the basic skills needed for music study including theory, ear training, sight singing, and the exploration of various composers and styles of music. During the spring semester, students use skills learned to compose their own music for possible performance on a spring recital. Classes are taught in a fun atmosphere that encourages students to use their creative abilities. The curriculum is covered in 7 levels, so students are not expected to progress to a new level every year.

Each new student (or returning student who is new to Musicianship Class) will be evaluated at a placement session to determine the most appropriate class according to age and ability. Sessions are scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on August 25 and January 15, 2015 in room 201 of the River Campus Seminary Building. First and second grade beginners will automatically be enrolled in the Level 1 class for fall, and do not have to attend the Placement Session. New students in these grades who enroll in January will be evaluated to determine IF an appropriate class is available. Generally, these beginners will wait and begin Musicianship the next fall.

Instructor: Sherrie Troxel


Steve Schaffner

Southeast Music Academy
One University Plaza, MS 7925
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