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English Placement Information

Students will place into EN100 based on one or more of the following:

  • Student has a 2.75 high school GPA
  • Student has an ACT English subscore of 18 or greater, or equivalent SAT (430+ ERW) score
  • The Coordinator for the Center for Writing Excellence or the Director of First-Year Composition has reviewed the student’s writing portfolio and recommended placement in EN100

If the student does not meet any of the above conditions, the student will take the Writing Placement Exam. If the student scores a 3.5 or above, they will place into EN100. If the student scores a 3.0 or below, they will place into EN099, to be taken at the same time as EN100.

If a student does not meet any of the above conditions and does not take the Writing Placement Exam, the student will be enrolled in EN099 as a co-requisite with EN100.

Math Placement Information

Southeast students are initially placed into a mathematics course based on the ACT Math subscore or the SAT Math Score. These scores must have been earned within the past three years to be used for math placement.

What if I don’t have an ACT or SAT score OR I don’t agree with my initial Mathematics Placement based on my ACT or SAT scores?

The Math Department will also evaluate high school math coursework taken and grades earned to determine a placement. This data should be submitted to New Student Programs as part of the registration process for evaulation.

Students also have the option of taking an online mathematics placement exam. There are four (4) different exam levels, and the student can opt to take one or more exams to demonstrate their readiness for a specific mathematics course. Taking the mathematics placement exam is NOT required, but it is necessary if the student wants a higher mathematics placement for their initial mathematics course at Southeast Missouri State University.

See more details on Math Placement here. 


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