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Statement of Goals

Statement of Goals/Objectives Instructions

Type a one-page statement addressing your future professional goals/objectives related to completion of a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree with role preparation as a family nurse practitioner (FNP). The statement should provide a sample of your writing ability and help faculty determine your fit with Southeast’s MSN program. Your Statement of Goals/Objectives should also include your understanding of the role of the FNP in the primary care of persons, families, and communities, and how you envision Southeast’s MSN program helping you fulfill your goals/objectives. Your comments may include future employment plans.

The Statement of Goals/Objectives should:

  1. Be limited to one page.
  2. Be double spaced using a 12-pitch Times New Roman font.
  3. Not include past experiences—they are not necessary.
  4. Not include bullet points—full sentences are expected.

Statement of Goals/Objectives Evaluative Criteria
0 Unacceptable-multiple grammatical/spelling errors-frequent awkward sentence structure-difficulty understanding meaning of statements
1 Limited approach to statements of goals/objectives but confusing focus of statements. Noted grammatical/spelling errors-some awkward sentence structuring.
2 Clear statements of goals/objectives. Minimal grammatical/spelling errors. Reflects a sense of career direction with vision of potential employment as a family nurse practitioner.
3 Thoughtful presentation of goals/objectives. Provided support for selection of goals/ objectives. Minimal grammatical/spelling errors. Reflects a strong sense of career direction. Understanding of the family nurse practitioner role evident.


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