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Success Stories

Ramona Crumley

I chose Southeast because I had previously completed several hours of credit at Southeast by commuting from Poplar Bluff, MO, but was unable to continue the commute due to work and family obligations. However, I was able to continue at Southeast because their RN-BSN program is all online and offered the best course requirements and tuition rates.

I feared the technology aspect of learning online, but knew my son and his wife would be my support system and the Southeast "help desk" was always there when I needed help. The nursing professors were also, very helpful and understanding. Another concern I had was that I would miss the face to face interactions with faculty and classmates however, I was soon interacting with everyone online over the web in the virtual classroom. The flexibility was great!

The "demonstration class and the Online RN-BSN Handbook were very helpful in answering many of my questions.

Taking the RN-BSN program online was an exciting experience. I did not know how much I would come to enjoy the flexibility and autonomy of the program. Theory and self-directed field experiences (as opposed to set clinical sites and hours) provided meaningful learning.

"Just do it!" Every journey starts with that first step, and that destination (degree) will not be reached without it. You will learn more than you ever knew you didn't know from the Southeast RN-BSN Online Program.

Melinda McKinney

I really had excellent professors at the SEMO regional campus and believed the online RN-BSN professors would also be excellent and they have been. Also, I felt that Southeast RN-BSN online program would be the best fit as I have many roles as a mother, grandmother, daughter, granddaughter, employee, and student.

I feared the aspects of learning online would be too hard and I would fail without having an instrutor in front of me. However, the nursing professors were educated, understanding and helpful, which made learning easier.

Was meeting people from other communities. I felt this was a great way to build strong network systems which will help me in my future career endeavors.

Was looking foward towards the big picture. I always planned ahead on completing assignments. I communicated with my advisor, registered early online, ordered books early, read a few chapters before classes started, printed my syllabuses and assignments so I could organize my notebooks to be prepared for class. I would make a calendar of due dates and make daily goals of what I hope to get accomplished so I could complete my homework and have plenty of time to study and have time for my family.

My words of wisdom are go for it...Life is hard, school is hard but, you can do anything if you just leap forward and try. Every class starts with one piece of paper, one pencil, one assignment, and ends with a lot of knowledge and new friends. You will learn so much from the Southeast RN-BSN program you just need to leap forward, ask questions, and get started. If I can do it anyone can. I would highly recommend Southeast Missouri State University RN-BSN Online Program.


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