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Parking Application

You may apply two ways for your permit, on-line through your portal or by contacting Parking Services by phone  or email. Please apply using only one method. Commuter permits will be mailed to the address on file with the University. Resident permits will be mailed to the student's on campus address.

The preferred form of application is on-line through your University portal. To access the permit application:

1. Sign into your Southeast portal at
2. Click the Student SS tab
3. Click the link: “Click here to open My Southeast Self-Service”
4. Click: “Southeast Student Processes"
5. Click “Parking Services”
6. Click "Request Permit”"
7. Select applicable semester from the dropdown menu
8. Click “Continue”
9. Click: “Purchase Parking Permit”
10. Follow on screen instructions

If you do not have access to the internet or need assistance in applying for your parking permit, you may contact Parking Services by phone at 573-651-2310 or by email at and a staff member will assist you with your application.




Parking at a Glance

• All parking on campus is by permit only. Any vehicle that parks on campus must register with Parking Services and display a SEMO parking permit. All parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
• Parking permits are valid for the academic year they were issued. The academic year begins in August, so parking permits remain valid through August of the following year.
• Students who graduate or transfer in December, student-teach during the Spring semester or do not return after a completed fall semester, may return their permit beginning December 1, for a 50% credit. Permits will not be accepted for credit after January 1.
• If the vehicle with the original parking permit is damaged beyond repair, or sold or traded, the original permit should be removed and returned to Parking Services. A free replacement permit will be issued upon return of the original permit. When removed, permits are designed to shred into pieces. The pieces can be stuck on a piece of paper and should be returned to Parking Services to avoid a replacement permit charge. 
• If you drive a vehicle to campus that is not the vehicle with the parking permit, a temporary permit is required to avoid unnecessary tickets. Visit Parking Services to pick up a temporary permit. The fee is $1 per day or $5 per week. Temporary permits can be issued for up to 2 weeks at a time.
• Parents, relatives and other visitors are encouraged to get a visitor’s pass from Parking Services. The permit is free and can be made in advance by contacting Parking Services. Students may be assessed parking fines received by parents or relatives. Parents or relatives should bring any tickets they receive to Parking Services before leaving campus.
• Parking at the Student Recreation Center also requires a valid SEMO permit.
• Violators receiving 5 or more University parking tickets are subject to towing or booting of the vehicle.
• Tickets issued to a vehicle with a permit are the responsibility of the permit holder, regardless of who drove the vehicle.
• Parking Customer Service operates during the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Friday during the regular semester. Hours during University breaks are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
• State issued accessible license plates or accessible parking hangtags are required to park in accessible spaces. Faculty, staff, and students with state issued accessible parking license or hangtags must also display SEMO permit when parked on campus. If marked accessible spaces are full, parking is available in any regular parking space.
• University parking tickets may be appealed online using Banner Self Service at It is recommended that students contact Parking Services about their ticket before appealing online. There may be circumstance in which the ticket can waived without the need to appeal.
• Parking Services does not accept payment for parking ticket fines or parking decal fees. Ticket fines and decal fees may be paid in person at the Cashier’s office in Academic Hall Room 018, by mail, or on-line. For further information regarding payment contact Student Financial Services at 573.651.2253 or visit their web site at 

Visitors and Parents

  • Parents, Relatives and Visitors are encouraged to obtain a visitor’s pass from Parking Services. This is a free permit.
  • Students will be assessed parking fines received by parents or relatives. Should this occur the parent or relative should bring the ticket to Parking Services immediately.
  • Visitors are encouraged to obtain a visitor parking permit from Parking Services when they arrive.
  • Permits may be requested over the phone or through email so that they may be prepared and ready for pick up on arrival.
  • Departments requiring permits for their visitors should send request via email to

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Appeals and Penalties

  • Appeals are adjudicated based on the violation, parking regulations and the narrative provided by the appellant. Narratives should be concise, professionally written, and fact based.
  • Tickets may be appealed online within 15 days of the ticket date using the portal.
  • After 15 days, tickets are not eligible for appeal.
  • Appeal hearing dates are scheduled monthly beginning in September and continuing through May.
  • Summer hearing dates are scheduled as needed.
  • Violation fines are charged to the appellant’s account.
  • If the account bill is due before the hearing date, it must be paid to avoid late fees.
  • Appeals found in the appellant’s favor will be credited to the account.
  • The Appeals Board is comprised of faculty, staff, and students appointed by their representative groups and are independent from Parking Services.
  • Appeals are considered based on violation, parking regulations and explanation provided by the appllant.
  • All appeals decisions are final.

How to Appeal a Parking Citation

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your portal account
  3. Click the Student/Employee tab
  4. Click the link: “Click here to open My Southeast Self-Service”
  5. Click the link: “Click on this link to access your self-service page…”
  6. Click: “Students/Employee Processes”
  7. Click “Parking Services”
  8. Select the current semester from the dropdown menu
  9. Click “Submit”
  10. Click “Outstanding Parking Citations”
  11. Select the ticket by marking the bubble before the ticket number
  12. Enter appeal in the “Appeal Comments” box
  13. Click “Appeal Parking Citation”

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Vehicle and Motorcycle Regulations

  1. Abandoned/Disabled Vehicles – Any motor vehicle in a condition that precludes its use on any public street or highway parked in the same location for more than 72 hours.
  2. Employee – Any individual employed by the University other than those classified as student employees.
  3. Parked/Parking – To put or leave a vehicle for a time in a certain location with or without the occupancy of the driver.
  4. Parking Lot – Any place or area set aside, marked, posted or intended for parking.
  5. Parking Permit – That object, either hangtag or decal, which identifies a motor vehicle as one that is authorized for parking on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University. Decals are permanently affixed to the driver’s side rear window on the outside of the window.
  6. Registration – The recording of a motor vehicle with Southeast Missouri State University Parking Services for a parking permit that authorizes a motor vehicle for parking on the campus.
  7. Student – Those persons pursuing ANY course of study at Southeast Missouri State University, other than those persons classified as University employees.
  8. Visitor – Any person who is not an employee or student of the University.
  9. Motorized Scooter/Motorcycle – Pertains to all motorized scooters, mopeds, motor bikes, motorcycles or other two- or three-wheeled, motor driven vehicles, herein referred to as motorized scooters/motorcycles.
  1. ALL vehicles that park on Southeast Missouri State University property must display a current parking permit.
  2. Vehicles without appropriate parking permits will be ticketed, towed and/or booted.
  3. Any tickets issued to the vehicle with a permit are the responsibility of the permit holder.
  4. Registrants agree to follow all parking rules and regulations.
  5. Southeast Missouri State University bears no responsibility for any damage to vehicles parked on University-owned parking lots or local streets.
  6. All registration information is verified. False information will be corrected and appropriate parking assigned.
  7. Only one permit type may be displayed on a vehicle at any time.
  8. Parking permits are current through the academic year of issue. (August-August)
  9. Application for parking permits can be made online on beginning in July for the fall semester. Preferred parking is assigned through a lottery system.
  10. Temporary or Special Permit– In the event that a student or faculty/staff member should need to drive a vehicle other than the one with the parking permit, a temporary permit must be obtained from Parking Services for a fee of $1 a day or $5 a week and display it from the rearview mirror of the other vehicle.
    1. Temporary parking is assigned based on the lot for which the purchased permit is valid.
    2. If a car will be parked on campus temporarily and no permit has been purchased, parking will be restricted to perimeter lots only.
  11. Permit Return– Permits may be credited according to the following criteria:
    1. 1. A student withdraws from school during the period established in the University refund schedule. Refunds will be based on the University refund schedule.
    2. A student graduates after a completed fall semester.
    3. A student does not return for a spring semester after a completed fall semester.
    4. The permit must be returned during finals week of the fall semester
    5. The student must remain active during the entire fall semester
    6. If you meet one of the listed criteria, contact Parking Services
  12. Damaged, Sold or Traded Vehicles – If the vehicle displaying the original parking permit is damaged, sold or traded, the original permit must be returned to Parking Services to receive a free replacement permit. When removed, permits are designed to shred; the shreds should be returned. Failure to return the original permit will result in the appropriate semester permit fee being charged for a replacement permit.
  1. Preferred Parking Permits
    1. Preferred parking is assigned through a seniority-based lottery system.
      1. 65% Seniors
      2. 30% Juniors
      3. 5% Commuter Sophomores; 4% Resident Hall Sophomores
      4. 1% Resident Hall Freshman
    2. The lottery opens for application in July and remains open for four weeks.
    3. Preferred parking is assigned through the lottery only.
    4. Preferred Commuter parking is available to those students who do not live in residence halls and have completed 30 or more credit hours.
    5. Preferred Resident parking is available to students living in residence halls. LaFerla residents must complete 30 hours of course work to eligible for preferred parking.
    6. Preferred parking permits will be distributed while availability remains.
    7. When preferred parking is no longer available, perimeter parking will be assigned and the applicant’s name placed on a waiting list. Waiting list assignments will be made only for those students who have purchased perimeter parking and meet hour requirements. Students are only permitted to be on one preferred permit wait list.
    8. Should additional preferred parking become available, recipients will be contacted from the waiting list. Students are contacted using their University Email.
    9. Once preferred parking is assigned, a student may not exchange the permit for a different preferred type unless they switch residence halls or move off/on campus. Once it has been assigned, the permit is valid for that preferred group only and perimeter lots.
    10. If a preferred parking lot is full, alternate parking is in any perimeter lot.
    11. The cost of preferred parking permits are:
      1. Fall, Spring and Summer - $190
      2. Spring and Summer - $143
  2. Perimeter Parking Permits
    1. Perimeter parking is available to:
      1. Commuter students with 29 or less completed cumulative hours.
      2. Students who applied for preferred parking but were denied.
      3. Students who choose it.
    2. Students who choose perimeter parking may park in any of the lots designated as any permit.
    3. Perimeter parking lots are serviced by a shuttle. All University shuttles are accessible for people with disabilities.
      1. The shuttle makes regular stops between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. each weekday.
      2. An evening shuttle will make daily stops in the lots from 4:30 p.m. until 2 a.m.
      3. All University shuttles are accessible for people with disabilities.
    4. The cost of perimeter parking permits are:
      1. Fall, Spring and Summer - $140
      2. Spring and Summer - $105
      3. Summer - $79
  3. Evening Only Permits
    1. Evening Only permits may be purchased by:
      1. Students attending only evening classes.
      2. Students who choose to park on campus only after 2:30 p.m.
    2. Evening Only permits are valid between the hours of 2:30 p.m. and 7 a.m. in any preferred commuter lot and between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. in employee lots at academic buildings. Parking in employee parking lots near residence halls is prohibited.
    3. The cost of an evening only permit is:
      1. Fall, Spring and Summer - $75
      2. Spring and Summer-$56
    4. Evening Only permits may park in preferred commuter and perimeter lots during the summer months.
  4. Disabled Parking Permits
    1. Only vehicles displaying state issued disabled license plates or hangtags may park in disabled spaces.
    2. Faculty and staff must display a current employee permit or hangtag, in addition to the disabled license plate or disabled hangtag when parked in disabled spaces.
    3. Students must display a perimeter parking permit in addition to the disabled license plate or disabled hangtag when parked in disabled spaces.
    4. All disabled parking request are determined by physician statement on the form that is required by the state licensing agent.
    5. Both permanent and temporary disabled plates and hangtags must be coordinated through the state licensing agent.
    6. Applicants must provide state receipts of license to verify hangtag use.
    7. Disabled permits are issued pursuant to RSMO 301.142.1 and Cape Girardeau city ordinance.
    8. Disabled spaces are illustrated on the map by the wheelchair symbol.
    9. In the event disabled parking is not available, individuals may park in the next available legal parking space with the exception of metered spaces and those spaces signed as reserved parking.
    10. Additional disabled spaces are located at the Transit Nexus, off New Madrid Street. The shuttle service is an accessible route to the entire campus, as well as the River Campus.
    11. Hash marks next to handicap spaces are part of the adjacent handicap parking space, are not intended for parking and are meant for accessible ramp access
  5. Employee Parking Permits
    1. Employee parking is available in lots identified by faculty/staff signs.
    2. Permits are issued based upon verification of faculty or staff status.
    3. Employee permits should not be given to family members or loaned to students for parking use.
  6. Early College Credit
    1. Perimeter parking is free and will be valid for the class time plus 40 minutes, in perimeter lots only, for a single semester.
    2. Preferred parking may be purchased at a cost of $95 and will be valid for the class time plus 20 minutes; in assigned lots near class, for a single semester.
    1. All regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, every day.
    2. The speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour, except where otherwise posted.
      1. Cheney Drive – Enter from Henderson (Restricted)
      2. Parker Drive between Cheney Hall and Towers. (Restricted)
      3. Towers exit ramp, off Sprigg Street (One-way)
      4. Greek Drive – Enter from New Madrid at Henderson (One-way)
      5. Parking Lot 1-23 Dearmont Circle – Enter from eastbound Normal Avenue (One-way).
      6. Entrance to Faculty/Staff Parking Lot 4-14 (One-way)
      7. Academic Drive - Enter from N. Henderson (One-Way)
      8. Any other location designated by one-way signs
    3. Grey concrete parking blocks represent parking spaces in gravel parking lots.
    4. Yellow parking blocks and curbs are NO PARKING ZONES.
    5. Red curbs are fire lanes - NO PARKING ZONES. TOW AWAY ZONE.
    6. NO PARKING is allowed on the grass, in or blocking driveways or on sidewalks.
    7. Lot Use and Limits - Preferred Commuter lots are reserved for students with a preferred commuter permit specific to its lot from 7 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. After 2:30 p.m., preferred commuter lots become available to any student permit. At 5 p.m., Faculty/Staff lots at academic buildings become available to any student permit until 7 a.m. Preferred Resident and Faculty/Staff lots/spaces at residence halls are reserved, as posted, 24 hours a day
    8. Parking Meters May be used by faculty, staff, students and visitors to the University. A permit is not required; however, the meter must be paid. Time limited parking meters are used as permit only spaces after 5 p.m.
    9. Residence Life maintains parking meters. Broken meters should be reported to Residence Life at 573.651.2274 or to Parking Services at 573.651.2310 and the information will be forwarded to Residence Life.
    10. Special Use Parking
      1. Parking lot 1-22 across from Southeast Bookstore is 2-Hour parking for visitors to the University. Additional visitor parking is available in lot 1-8 in front of Houck Field House
      2. Parking lot 5-3 at the Student Recreation Center is by permit only. Student parking is available to any permit for a 2-hour limit in designated spaces. Community members and University employee parking is available for a 2-hour limit in designated spaces. During Show Me Center events, the lot is closed and is not available for Recreation Center parking
    11. Weekend Resident Hall Parking - Parking lot 1-10 at Broadway and Henderson and parking lot 3-9 at Towers Garage become available for any permit and visitors on Fridays at 5 p.m. through Sundays at 5 p.m.
    12. Transitway is restricted to University shuttle buses, emergency vehicles and University service vehicles. Tickets, tows and/or notices to appear before student conduct will be issued for unauthorized driving on the transit way.
    13. Penalties – Parking violations are described below. NOTE THE INCREASED PENALTY FOR SECOND AND SUBSEQUENT VIOLATIONS.
      Vehicle Not Registered $20 $40
      Parked in Reserved Lot/Space $10 $20
      Improper Parking* $10 $20
      Parked in Yellow Zone $10 $20
      Parked in Fire Lane (Tow) $50 $100
      Parked in Handicap** (Tow) $50 $100
      C & I Driving/Wrong Way $20 $40
      Driving Unauthorized / Restricted Drive $10 $20
      Permit not Properly Displayed $5 $10
      Not Parked in Assigned Lot $20 $40
      Parked in Preferred w/o Preferred Permit $40 $80
      Vehicle Tow*** $50 $100

      *Crosswalk, Driveway, Sidewalk, Grass, Not a Parking Space, Expired Meter, Time Limit Parking
      **Disabled space without a permit, Disabled space without occupant with disabilities
      ***Lost/Stolen Permit, False Permit, SFS, Unidentified, Excessive Violations, Revoked/Suspended Parking Privileges

    14. Appeals
      1. The appeal process is the means by which students, faculty and staff contest parking tickets.
      2. Tickets must be appealed within 15 days of the ticket date, online at ‘My Southeast.’
      3. Appeal hearing dates are scheduled monthly.
      4. Violation fines are charged to the appellant’s account.
      5. A ticket pending appeal is not excluded from payment.
      6. Appeals found in the appellant’s favor will be credited to the account
      7. Questions about or help with online appeals should be referred to Parking Service
    15. Vehicle Tow
      1. All improperly parked vehicles are subject to boot or tow at the discretion of parking enforcement personnel.
      2. Vehicles may be booted or towed for lost or stolen permit, false permit, non-payment of fines, unidentified operator or excessive violations.
      3. Booting and towing fees are the owner’s expense.
      4. The University is not responsible for any damage incurred during booting or towing of the vehicle.
  1. Motorized Scooters/Motorcycles must:
    1. Obey all vehicular traffic regulations.
    2. Be ridden in a safe manner with the riders observing the University speed limit of 15 MPH.
    3. Park in designated motorized scooter/motorcycle parking areas or in any designated vehicle space that is valid for the purchased permit.
    4. Display a valid University parking permit that is affixed on the front fork, fender or windshield. The permit number must be visible from the front of the motorcycle.
  2. Motorized Scooters/Motorcycles may not:
    1. Be ridden on sidewalks, Transitway, service roads, private drives, lawns or green spaces.
    2. Be parked or stored in any University building.
    3. Be ridden in any way that may endanger pedestrians or used to take “short cuts” through unauthorized areas.
    4. Park in such a manner as to prevent automobiles from parking, i.e., parallel to the curb or between two parked cars.
    5. Park on sidewalks, Transitway, service roads, private drives, lawns, green spaces or adjacent to any building unless a designated motorized scooter/motorcycle parking area exists there.
  3. Motorized Scooter/Motorcycle permit:
    1. Permits are available to faculty, staff and students.
    2. Permits are available as a regular parking permit option for faculty/ staff and students at the cost of:
      1. Fall, Spring and Summer - $75
      2. Spring and Summer - $56
      3. Summer - $42
    3. Permits are available as an additional or upgrade parking permit option for faculty/staff and students when a regular permit for a motor vehicle has been purchased during the same academic period at a cost of:
      1. Fall, Spring and Summer - $25
      2. Spring and Summer - $15
      3. Summer - $5
    4. Permits must be displayed on the front fork, fender or windshield. The permit number must be visible from the front of the motorcycle.
    5. Failure to register motorized scooter/motorcycle will result in University parking citations when appropriate and/or impounding or towing when necessary.
    6. Citations and impounding will be issued using current University parking policy and violation fines.
  4. City Ordinance 4390 - On Nov. 16, 2012 the City of Cape Girardeau established operational requirements for scooters, mopeds and motorized bicycles with engines 50 cc and below. The ordinance is applicable within the city limits of Cape Girardeau. Southeast Missouri State University adopted and enforces the same ordinance regarding scooter, mopeds and motorized bicycles.
  5. Requirements - To lawfully operate a scooter, moped or motorized bicycle within Cape Girardeau’s city limits and on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University, the requirements listed below must be met. Violations of these requirements may result in a maximum fine of $500 and 90 days in jail per incident and/or University disciplinary action.
    1. Valid driver license
    2. DOT-approved helmet
    3. Only one person; no passengers
    4. Insurance required; must carry proof
    5. Driver must remain seated
    6. Drive on streets with 35 mph or below speed limit
    7. Obey all road rules
    8. Maintain a working headlight, taillight and turn signals
  6. For more information, visit
  1. Bicycle Parking - Bicycles shall be parked, locked in a bicycle parking rack. Bicycles shall not park:
    1. On a sidewalk, at a tree or post, on a lawn, next to a building, in a roadway or locked to a chain bordering a lawn except inside a chained bicycle enclosure.
    2. Blocking or obstructing any entrance, exit, ramp or breeze way.
    3. In any campus building except in a designated storage area.
    4. In a parking area designated for motor vehicles.
    5. In other than an upright position.
    6. Taking more than one parking space at a bicycle parking rack.
    7. In areas other than those permitted or will be subject to removal.
  2. Bicycle Operation and Obedience to Traffic Laws and Safety - Every person operating a bicycle on University property shall do so in obedience to all municipal and state traffic regulations, including:
    1. Practicing courteous, defensive riding, giving consideration both for pedestrians and for conditions that require traveling at safe speeds and having their bicycles under control at all time.
    2. Wearing a professionally rated and approved, properly-fitted bicycle helmet.
    3. Wearing light colored clothing after dark.
    4. Riding single file.
    5. Not carrying passengers or heavy, bulky items.
    6. Always assuming that cars do not see you.
    7. Using standard and clear hand signals.
    8. Always locking your wheel and frame to a bicycle rack.
    9. When riding between sunset and sunrise, bicycles should be equipped with and have an operating front white lamp and a rear red reflector or lamp.
    10. When riding between sunset and sunrise, each pedal should be equipped with a reflector that can be seen from both the front and the rear of the bicycle for a distance of 200 feet after dark.
    11. When riding between sunset and sunrise, bicycles should be equipped with side reflectors towards the front and rear, visible at night in reflected light for a distance of 500 feet. The reflector to the rear of the center of the bicycle must be red in color; the reflector to the front of center must be amber or yellow in color.
    12. Yielding to pedestrians in all situations of conflicting bicycle/pedestrian traffic.
  3. Theft Prevention - Each year several hundred dollars worth of property is lost to bicycle thieves. In any case of theft, the manner in which the bicycles were locked should not be a contributing factor. It is important to lock bicycles appropriately and perhaps even more importantly, choosing a quality locking device may prevent theft of your bicycle.
  4. Choosing a Lock - Unfortunately thieves are getting smarter and any lock is not enough. University Police recommend U-Locks with a bend in it to prevent the use of prying tools. This is a valuable addition to the lock and is not used on all U-Lock systems. The extra money spent on a good lock could save you hundreds of dollars in your investment. You may have to pay a few dollars more for a quality lock, but preventing bicycle theft is worth it. A good padlock should have at least a 7/16” hardened alloy steel shackle. If the steel is hardened, the “hardened” will be stamped on the shackle. Choose a cable or chain at least six feet in length, so you can secure the frame and front wheel around an object. If you elect to use a chain, remember the heavier the better. Thicker steel links (3/8” or better) provide greater resistance to cutting or prying. If you select cable, inspect it closely and make sure you do not have a thicker vinyl coating than steel.
  5. Securing Your Bicycle - The number one thing that you can do to protect your bicycle from theft is to lock it up. Bringing it inside or just leaving it for a minute while you run inside is likely to cost you your bicycle. When you do secure your bike, make sure that you secure it through the frame and front wheel. If you have a quick release front tire, lock that up also. Remember to lock it to something worthwhile. For a quality lock to work, it has to be attached to a secure object. Many sign posts can easily be removed from the ground; railings can easily be cut. Make sure that you record the serial number and model of your bicycle. This is extremely important and could determine if you ever get your bicycle back once it has been stolen. Always report a theft of any kind to the University Police, including bicycle thefts. Doing so increases chances of the recovery and return to owners of many bicycles that are reported missing or stolen.

Changes in University Parking Regulations will be officially announced in University media and will become effective the date of announcement. Any recommendations regarding changes may be referred to the Parking Manager.

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Contact Information

(573) 651-2310

Street Address
1401 N. Sprigg
Cape Girardeau, MO

Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS 7275
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701

Parking Services is open between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Friday during the fall and spring semesters. Operating hours during breaks and summer sessions are from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.