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Assessing Course Learning Outcomes

Assessing Course Learning Outcomes



Establishing and maintaining CLOs

  • Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) are established for each course by the academic department, and these are approved by the respective college.
  • CLOs are the same for each section of the course, even though individual instructors may include additional learning objectives for their students.
  • Academic departments can request updates or changes to CLOs through their College Council. Any approved changes must be documented in the College Council minutes and on the official course syllabus, which is then maintained by the academic department. See forms for the syllabus template.

Assessing CLOs

  • Instructors assess CLOs through course-level activities and assignments.
  • CLOs are also assessed, holistically, by faculty at the end of each semester through the CLO Portal.
    • Step 1: The Provost’s Office sends a reminder to faculty at the end of each 8- and 16-week block to report student learning data via the CLO Portal.
    • Step 2: The Provost’s Office uses CLO data to assess learning across modes.


Learning across modes report (2018/2019)

CLO assessment resources

Guidance for writing CLOs


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