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Assessing Institutional Learning Outcomes

Assessing Institutional Learning Outcomes


Establishing and maintaining ILOs

  • Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) were established in March 2018 and are currently being implemented.
  • Data from institutional surveys, key activities, and other measures provide insight into students’ achievement of ILOs.

Institutional learning outcomes (Adopted May 2018) 

Learning outcomes


1.       Communication

Students will communicate effectively in a variety of ways across multiple contexts.

2.       Experiential learning

Students will apply new concepts within authentic experiences and reflect on these experiences for the purposes of learning and development.

3.       Specialized knowledge for professional preparation

Students will demonstrate the knowledge required to engage effectively in the workforce or in further studies toward their profession.

4.       Civic and global engagement

Students will demonstrate skills and attributes for participating in society as a global citizen.

5.       Inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving

Students will ask questions, evaluate evidence, and formulate effective solutions to problems.



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