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Assessing Program Learning Outcomes

Assessing Program Learning Outcomes



Establishing and maintaining PLOs

  • Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) are established for each certificate, undergraduate, and graduate program by the academic department, and these are approved by the respective college.
  • Academic departments can request updates or changes to PLOs through their College Council. Any approved changes must be documented in the College Council minutes and updated on the curriculum maps for each program.
  • Periodically, PLOs are collected by the Provost’s Office to update their records.
  • Periodically, PLOs are collected by the Academic Assessment Committee for quality assurance and peer feedback.

Assessing PLOs

Step 1: Curriculum mapping

Academic departments construct curriculum maps for each program. These show where the PLOs are assessed across the curriculum.

Step 2: Learning improvement reporting

Each year, academic departments are asked to report PLO data and action plans for continuous improvement via Learning Improvement Reports. Departments undergoing cyclical program review include these Learning Improvement Reports in their Program Review Report.



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