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Calendar Year 2020

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for ten-day review. The most recent postings are listed first. The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.

If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal.

College Codes
  • AM:  Holland College of Arts and Media
  • BC:  Harrison College of Business and Computing
  • EH:  College of Education, Health, and Human Studies
  • HS:  College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • SC:  College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Posted College Course # Course Title View PDF Status
12/01/2020 EH FN607 Food Science & Technology FN607 Complete
12/01/2020 BC ER531 Creative Problem Solving in Business ER531 Complete
12/01/2020 BC AC555 Forensic Accounting Analytics  AC555 Complete
12/01/2020 HS US524 Rural American Society and Culture US524 Complete
11/16/2020 SC AY360 Livestock Diseases AY360 Complete
11/16/2020 SC AG451 Adapting Agriculture to Global Population AG451 Complete
11/16/2020 SC AO540 Agroecosystems Analysis Field Course AO540 Complete
11/04/2020 EH NS670 Psychotherapeutic Frameworks and Modalities NS670 Complete
11/04/2020 EH NS671 Psychotherapeutic Frameworks and Modalities NS671 Complete
11/04/2020 EH NS672 Diagnosis of Mental Disorders NS672 Complete
11/04/2020 EH NS673 Psychopharmacology NS673 Complete
11/04/2020 EH NS674 Population Mental Health I NS674 Complete
11/04/2020 EH NS675 PMHNP Clinical Role Practicum: Adult NS675 Complete
11/04/2020 EH NS676 Population Mental Health II NS676 Complete
11/04/2020 EH NS677 PMHNP Clinical Role Practicum: Children & Adolescents NS677 Complete
11/04/2020 EH NS681 Nursing Curriculum: Development, Assessment and Evaluation NS681 Complete
11/04/2020 EH NS682 Assessment & Evaluation in Nursing Education NS682 Complete
11/04/2020 EH NS683 Foundation of Teaching and Innovative Learning Strategies NS683 Complete
11/04/2020 EH NS684 Synthesis of Nurse Educator Role Practicum NS684 Complete
10/23/2020 EH EL300 Instructional and Assistive Technology in a Universally Designed Learning Environment EL300 Complete
10/23/2020 EH EL316 Emergent and Early Literacy EL316 Complete
10/23/2020 EH EL317 Literacy Methods for Elementary Teachers EL317 Complete
10/23/2020 EH


Content and Disciplinary Literacy EL355 Complete
10/05/2020 BC CY690 Graduate Project CY690 Complete
10/01/2020  EH  EL644 Understanding and Applying the Multi-dimensional Process of Literacy EL644 Complete
10/01/2020  EH  EL646 Inquiry and Research Models to Improve Literacy InstructionReading Instruction EL646 Complete
10/01/2020 SC CH465/CH665 Chemical Crystallography CH465/CH665 Complete
10/01/2020 EH FN600 Advanced Application of Medical Nutrition Therapy FN600 Complete
10/01/2020 EH FN607 Food Science, Agriculture, and Technology FN607 Withdrawn
10/01/2020 EH FN610 Strategic Management of Food Service Operations FN610 Complete
10/01/2020 BC HA556 Topics in Healthcare Administration HA556 Complete
10/01/2020 BC HA560 International Healthcare Administration HA560 Complete
10/01/2020 BC MI556 Topics in Management Information Systems MI556 Complete
09/14/2020 EH EA909 Leadership Inquiry III: Prospectus Development EA909 Complete
09/14/2020 EH EA908 Leadership Inquiry II: Data Reporting EA908 Complete
08/27/2020 BC BL425 Topics in Business Law BL425 Complete
08/27/2020 SC CH184 General Chemistry I Laboratory CH184 Complete
08/27/2020 SC CH185 General Chemistry I CH185 Complete
08/27/2020 SC CH186 General Chemistry II CH186 Complete
08/27/2020 SC CH187 General Chemistry II Laboratory CH187 Complete
08/27/2020 SC CH306 Inorganic Chemistry CH306 Complete
06/10/2020 EH CP691 Research Methods and Program Evaluation in Counseling CP691 Complete
04/30/2020 EH AB435 Introduction to Behavior Analysis AB435 Complete
04/30/2020 AM AH411 Historiography & Methods of Research in Art AH411 Complete
04/30/2020 AM AH490 Senior Capstone Art History AH490 Complete
04/30/2020 HS AN182 Introduction to Archaeology AN182 Complete
04/30/2020 AM MH310 American Musical Experience MH310 Complete
04/30/2020 AM MH328 Native American Music MH328 Complete
04/30/2020 AM MH392 The Age of Romanticism MH392 Complete
04/30/2020 AM MH393 The Age of Modernism MH393 Complete
04/30/2020 AM MH394 Music & Culture: 1600-1750 MH394 Complete
04/30/2020 AM MH396 The Age of Beethoven MH396 Complete
04/30/2020 AM MH397 Music in Medieval & Renaissance Culture MH397 Complete
04/30/2020 AM MH402 Music in World Cultures MH402 Complete
04/30/2020 EH PY496 Historical Survey of Psychology PY496 Complete
04/27/2020 EH AB535 Principles in Psychopharmacology AB535 Complete
04/27/2020 EH AB605 Research and Practice in Applied Behavior Analysis I AB605 Complete
04/27/2020 EH AB607 Research and Practice in Applied Behavior Analysis I AB607 Complete
04/27/2020 EH AB608 Research and Practice in Applied Behavior Analysis III AB608 Complete
04/27/2020 BC BL563 Advanced Business Law BL563 Complete
04/27/2020 EH CF520 Professional Ethics and Practice CF520 Complete
04/27/2020 HS FL300 History through Literature: Stalin's Hunger Games FL300 Complete
04/27/2020 AM MU251 Jazz Improvisation I MU251 Complete
04/27/2020 AM  MU320 Jazz Improvisation II MU320 Complete
04/27/2020 AM MU324 Jazz Theory and Analysis MU324 Complete
04/27/2020 AM MU327 Jazz History MU327 Complete
04/27/2020 AM MU329 Jazz Combo MU329 Complete
04/27/2020 EH NC371 Fundamentals Clinical NC371 Complete
04/27/2020 HS US502 America since 1920 US502 Complete
04/06/2020 AM MC382 History & Philosophy of American Mass Media MC382 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX521 Foundations in Athletic Training TX521 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX530 Current Research in Athletic Training TX530 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX535 Principles of Injury Prevention TX535 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX550 Principles of Emergency Care TX550 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX551 Procedures in Athletic Training TX551 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX580 Clinical Experience in Athletic Training I TX580 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX581 Clinical Experience in Athletic Training II TX581 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX621 Musculoskeletal Assessment Techniques I TX621 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX622 Musculoskeletal Assessment Techniques II TX622 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX640 General Medical Concerns in Athletic Training TX640 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX650 Therapeutic Interventions in Athletic Training I TX650 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX651 Therapeutic Interventions in Athletic Training II TX651 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX660 Administration & Leadership in Athletic Training TX660 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX670 Applied Research In Athletic Training I TX670 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX671 Applied Research In Athletic Training II TX671 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX680 Clinical Experience in Athletic Training III TX680 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX681 Immersive Clinical Experience in Athletic Training TX681 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX682 Clinical Experience in Athletic Training IV TX682 Complete
09/04/2020 EH TX683 Clinical Experience in Athletic Training V TX683 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX698 Professional Responsibility in Athletic Training TX698 Complete
04/06/2020 EH TX699 Seminar in Athletic Training TX699 Complete
04/03/2020 EH FN611 Foundations in Dietetics Practice FN611 Complete
04/03/2020 EH FN615 Culinary Nutrition FN615 Complete
04/03/2020 EH FN617 Applied Statistics in Health Sciences FN617 Complete
04/03/2020 EH FN619 Metabolic Considerations in Performance and Wellness Nutrition FN619 Complete
04/03/2020 EH FN620 Community Nutrition Programming FN620 Complete
04/03/2020 EH FN622 Nutrition Counseling and Education FN622 Complete
04/03/2020 EH FN628 Applied Nutrition Field Experience I FN628 Complete
04/03/2020 EH FN629 Applied Nutrition Field Experience II FN629 Complete
04/03/2020 EH FN624 Research Methodology FN624 Complete
04/03/2020 EH FN645 Capstone Project in Applied Nutrition FN645 Complete
04/03/2020 EH FN650 Professional Skills and Emerging Trends in Dietetics Practice FN650 Complete
04/03/2020 SC AV111 Private Pilots Lab AV111 Complete
04/03/2020 SC AV212 Aviation Instrumentation Lab 2 AV212 Complete
04/03/2020 SC AV312 Commercial Pilot Lab 2 AV312 Complete
04/03/2020 SC AV411 Flight Instructor Lab 1 AV411 Complete
04/03/2020 SC AV412 Flight Instructor Lab 2 AV412 Complete
04/03/2020 SC AV211 Aviation Instrumentation Lab 1 AV211 Complete
04/03/2020 SC AV112 Private Pilots Lab 2 AV112 Complete
04/03/2020 SC AV430 Professional Flight AV430 Complete
04/03/2020 SC AV420 Jet Flight Management AV420 Complete
04/03/2020 SC AV450 Aviation Capstone AV450 Complete
04/03/2020 SC AV310 Commercial Pilot AV310 Complete
 04/03/2020  SC  AV406  Aviation Management 2  AV406 Complete
 04/03/2020  SC  AV306  Aviation Management 1  AV306 Complete
 04/03/2020  SC  AV395  Aircraft Performance  AV395 Complete
 04/03/2020  SC  AV410  Flight Instructor  AV410 Complete
 04/03/2020  SC  AV408  Flight Management  AV408 Complete
 04/03/2020  SC  AV390  Aircraft Design  AV390 Complete
 04/03/2020  SC  AV301  Aviation Safety  AV301 Complete
 04/03/2020  SC  AV110  Private Pilots  AV110 Complete
04/03/2020  SC  AV311  Commercial Pilot Lab 1   AV311 Complete
04/03/2020 SC AV210 Aviation Instrumentation AV210 Complete
03/31/2020 SC HO232 Production and Use of Hemp HO232 Complete
03/31/2020 AM MC253 Film History MC253 Complete
03/31/2020 AM MU184

"Where Are You?"- From Rhythm and Blues to Woodstock,

Led Zeppelin, Radiohead and Beyond

MU184 Complete
03/03/2020 SC AG340 Agricultural Safety AG340 Complete
03/02/2020 AM MC252→MC362 Sports Broadcast Production MC362 Complete
02/28/2020 HS US530 The African-American Experience US530 Complete
02/25/2020 SC AG140 Communicating in Agriculture AG140 Complete
02/12/2020 EH NS647 Primary Care II Practicum NS647 Complete
02/12/2020 EH NS637 Primary Care I Practicum NS637 Complete
02/12/2020 EH NS627 Advanced Health Assessment Practicum NS627 Complete
02/12/2020 EH NS603 Advanced Diagnostics & Reasoning for Primary Care NS603 Complete
02/11/2020 HS GG305 Geography of the Middle East GG305 Complete
01/30/2020 SC HO470 Regenerative Urban Agriculture HO470 Complete
01/23/2020 EH AB537 Behavioral Consultation and Management AB537 Complete
01/22/2020 SC AY222 Swine Science AY222 Complete


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